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What’s in Your Bag?

What’s in Your Bag?
Carly Jacobs

For the voyeur in all of us, these lovely lads and ladies empty the contents of their bag and photograph it. The point? There isn’t one except that we all know we are little nosey parkers who would love a peek inside anyone’s handbag so here is your chance to do it legitmately with out looking like a pick pocket. Visit this group on Flickr and find out how strangely addictive it is…




I was contemplating doing my own handbag insider photo but sadly my bag lacks all the Hello Kitty cuteness that makes the bags in this group so appealing. And I am assuming no one wants to see a bag full of receipts and boring Moleskine notebooks. I just realised I have the bag of an accountant. How depressing.

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  1. glam-o-holic 17 years ago

    I was at a train station once, digging through my cavernous handbag looking for something or other and a man watching remarked, “What is it with women and never being able to find anything in their bags.” It’s because we have OUR WHOLE LIFE IN THERE.

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