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Why Don’t You…?

Why Don’t You…?
Carly Jacobs

Why don’t you…

* Wear a high necked cream Victorian blouse with crisp black capris and ballet flats? Tie your hair on top of your head in a messy bun and spear it with crimson chopsticks?

* Present your hostess with perfect peach miniature roses? And clip faux peach roses to your kitten heels?

* Wear a sharp white collared shirt with an antique jewelled brooch?

* Daintily sip mineral water instead of champagne?

* Send a delicious thank you note spritzed with a floral scent? On thick white parchment and sealed with wax?

* Brush your eyes with a light copper shadow and dab some white liner on the inner corners? Perhaps give your regular black liner a rest?

In loving memory of Diana Vreeland…

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. Scribbles 15 years ago

    Love these suggestions – so cute! Only really done the meet the parents thing once and his mum couldn’t stop lusting over my red sparkly jandals… don’t miss him so much anymore, but miss his mum (think we were soul mates LOL).
    I love giving (and getting) flowers – so pretty 🙂

  2. Marianne 15 years ago

    Oh, I adore DV and her why don’t yous…
    I love these – some of the more achievable ones! I might just do the Victorian blouse + bun this week…
    ps. sealing wax does not survive the modern mailing system; I tried sending it to a friend in the UK, who asked me why I’d sent her dirt! I realised it was being crushed in the envelope. Shame, it’s so nice.

  3. Hailey 15 years ago

    good ideas, you reminded me to do the opposite, wear more black eyteliner. 🙂


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