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Making Certain Plans in an Uncertain World

Making Certain Plans in an Uncertain World
Carly Jacobs
making certain plans in uncertain times

So everything is really weird right now isn’t it? And it’s getting weirder (or less weird) depending on where you live.

I have coped (and continue to cope) badly with this pandemic. I’m certainly not a special unicorn, no one is themselves right now but a big part of what I perceive as my societal worth is competence. I like being the person who has their shit together and this pandemic has totally stripped me of that. I’m not for one moment suggesting that’s a healthy existence but up until this point pinning my self worth on productivity has been a very useful life strategy. I could just go about being productive and getting my gold stars. Yay me.

So you can imagine that I’m not having a great time of it. I think it’s important to be transparent about where I’m at when I’m putting together resources like this. I’m trying. Trying to not feel like a worthless sack of garbage when the whole world is halted. Sometimes I’m succeeding and sometimes I’m not and I’m sure it’s the same for pretty much everyone right now. And that’s cool. We just have to keep trying. When another outbreak happens, when we lose more people, when our governments make incredibly stupid choices that directly affect the health, wellbeing and lives of their citizens. We get up, and we try again. We make more banana bread, we have another Zoom trivia night. We go into hard lockdowns because there’s yet another outbreak. Rinse and repeat.

making certain plans in uncertain times

And really, I’m fine. I just want my life back – my proper life back. We all do but we won’t really know when that will be. So where does that leave us?

This week’s episode is all about making certain plans in uncertain times, as much as we can.

In this episode I chat about…

* A very certain plan that my guest had to follow through with in 2020
* Surge capacity, what it is and why it’s making you feel exhausted
* Making plans A, B and C for literally everything
* How if you’re here right now you’ve survived 100% of your most difficult days
* Finding the things you can control and focussing on those things (like banana bread, sour dough and daily zoom yoga with your bestie)
* Waiting until you have all the information before making a decision even that means waiting until the very last minute
* Several uncertain yet amazing things that have happened because of the pandemic

If you’re feeling a little uneasy and unsettled, this episode is full of manageable tips to help you make certain plans in uncertain times.

Links mentioned in this episode 

Article on surge capacity. 

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How are you feeling about 2021? Any certain plans you need to make in these uncertain times?


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