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Inner French Girl

Inner French Girl
Carly Jacobs

I came across the most gorgeous site the other day. It’s called Inner French Girl. The blogger describes this perfect French girl inside and how she aspires to be like her. A good friend of mine (I am talking about you Jimmy if you’re reading this!) once said to me that the most admirable trait in a human being is the desire for self improvement. So I am harnessing my Inner French Girl and giving her a a swift kick up the bum with a list of things to get her going –

My Inner French Girl
* Eats well everyday and drinks plenty of water. She also exercises regularly and is never too lazy to walk up the stairs or carry heavy boxes.

* Does her washing every week (not just when she’s desperate) and separates her whites and darks. She also puts all her delicates in lingerie bags.

* She wipes her hands on hand towels and not her clothes. She also doesn’t spill food on herself. (I am serious, I am so grubby it’s unbelievable)

* She always sends thank you notes promptly and never forgets to take something when she visits friends.

* Her hair is perfect all the time.

* She has found the most marvelous shade of red lipstick and wears it daily in trademark style.

* She never swears or says unkind things about others. (I only say mean things about stupid people but I am seriously trying to cut back)

* She is kind to the environment and refuses to take boutique bags with all the tempting tissue paper and uses only designer canvas totes.

* She wears scarves.

* She sits up straight and carries herself like a lady.

You will be pleased to know that I have started being French already. I made my bed this morning and when I went to the gym I took my work skirt on a proper skirt hanger and not crumpled up in my bag. I also ate a  nutritious salad for lunch and drank water all day. And I fully intend on going to bed really soon to get lots of French beauty sleep.

Please do visit the lovely French site – it’s so pretty and there are lots of interesting posts. And what a marvelous blog it is that promotes self improvement in such a positive way!


  1. glam-o-holic 17 years ago

    I’m grubby too! Go us!

    My mum says I am the most unladylike girl in the universe and that I may possibly be half pig.

  2. Katya 16 years ago

    it’s a real gift to be a woman because u can be different all the time and this article helps us to be like that


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