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Why Don’t You…?

Why Don’t You…?
Carly Jacobs


Why don’t you…

* Wear brilliant sparkling eyeshadow and encrust your lids with tiny jewels? In turquoise and magenta gems?

* Sweep your hair into a tatty mess and decorate it with brittle willow twigs? Make your head an inviting home for tiny bird friends?

* Wear an extraordinary ball gown to work and bind your waist tightly with a men’s cummerbund? Pin a Christmas decoration to your wasp-like waist?

* Cover your face in the palest of powder and white out your lips with a matte concealer? Make your face look like a photograph stripped of pigment?

* Wear black gloves with the pinky finger cut off? Exposing tiny scarlet-painted nails?

* Wear every piece of neck attire that you own – necklaces, ties, scarves, collars –  everywhere but around your neck? A bow tie on your wrist? A string of pearls around your head? A mess of metal chain pinned to your jacket collar?

* Take to never wearing street clothes in your own home? Perhaps don a Japanese-style robe and turban? A caftan and some bangles? A vintage slip with woolly knee-high socks?

* Wear a wig?

* Paint a tiny pattern of fleurdelis with liquid eyeliner? Just beneath your eye?

* Wear a patterned t-shirt backwards? Keep your front persona completely clean and decorate your back so you leave a lasting impression as you walk away?

In loving memory of Diana Vreeland

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Shannon 15 years ago

    What precious ideas! I am so going to get out of my tracksuit (don’t worry, I’ve been cleaning my house safe from critical eyes) and put on a slip and some long socks and dance the rest of the cleaning away. My hair is already in a tatty bun – I think I’ll thread some ivy through it….

  2. Scribbles 15 years ago

    I love the idea of never wearing street clothes in your house. I would love a divine silky kimono to wear around the house but sadly the only one I have was bought to fit me when I was five 🙁 May have to be the kaftan and bangles LOL

  3. Hannah Cheeto 15 years ago

    I love these….

  4. E 15 years ago

    I totally spent the morning wearing a voluminous, bright lime green 1930’s kimono over the top of my day clothes. MrE said it was like being in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Mikado – sadly I had to take it off to supermarket shop as due to mybikehasbrokendown syndrome I am riding pillion – I wish you could do that side-saddle. I was flouncing about the aisles wearing my kimono in my head. UK Vogue (I had to have something compensatory in my trolley) is full of fantasy fashion – I mean Tim Burton, Karen Elson and Helena Bonham-Carter channeling Roald Dahl in a photoshoot fantasy. Excellent.

    I wish I had an Aunty Diana Vreeland.

    Thank you Lady Smaggle.

  5. Grant 15 years ago

    Point number two is by far the best. “Make your head an inviting home for tiny bird friends?” That rules so much that I am going to take it up as a new personal mantra!


  6. Tara 15 years ago

    I LOVE these. Well done, Lady Smagle!

  7. ninaribena 15 years ago

    Ooooh, so much glamour, so little time. Lady Smaggle you just spun the world on it’s head!
    I have wig… sometimes my cropped do starts making me feel like a boy – I just put on my long hair and confuse everyone I know! Love it! I wonder if I can make it a birds nest….hmmm

    Maybe I’ll try the Fleurdelis…

    Love Nina xxx

  8. KD 15 years ago

    I love your “why don’t you”‘s and this one rocks! The bird-hair thing is my favorite.

  9. Eyeliah 15 years ago

    You are too much awesomeness, great ideas!

  10. Marianne 15 years ago

    I can’t get enough of these, they’re SO good!!! 😀

    I rarely wear street wear at home, but rather than a kimono (oh, how I’d like one) it’s tracky dacks. And an old tee shirt. Oh dear.

    I want to do my hair like that again, I’m still looking for a little bird friend to put in it!

  11. punky 15 years ago

    you are too cute!
    Adding you to my blog roll.

  12. Lady Smaggle 15 years ago

    Scribbles – I have been this recently and it’s awesome! I swear it makes you relax more…

    Shannon – Oh please do! I love messy hair with twigs in it…

    Hannah Cheeto – Thanks… it’s a little bit of silly fun.

    E – You’re welcome lady! Please please please wear it in public one day though? I’d love you forever! It just makes me smile when I see people like that in the street.

    Grant – I actually a bird that used to get lost in my hair when I was little. It’s my dedicated to my little Buddy…

    Tara – 🙂

    Ninaribena – Lets get more of this down here in Canberra! We need more fab in our sometimes drab streets…

    KD – I totally enjoy writing them! I’m going to try to do one a week!

    Eyeliah – Did you try any?

    Marianne – I’m trying so hard to never wear trackies but sometimes it’s just too damn cold not too. I do love wrapping myself in a quilt though…

    Punky – Yay! You’re already on mine darlin!


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