Very Excellent Habits

Why Don’t You…?


Why don’t you…

* Wear brilliant sparkling eyeshadow and encrust your lids with tiny jewels? In turquoise and magenta gems?

* Sweep your hair into a tatty mess and decorate it with brittle willow twigs? Make your head an inviting home for tiny bird friends?

* Wear an extraordinary ball gown to work and bind your waist tightly with a men’s cummerbund? Pin a Christmas decoration to your wasp-like waist?

* Cover your face in the palest of powder and white out your lips with a matte concealer? Make your face look like a photograph stripped of pigment?

* Wear black gloves with the pinky finger cut off? Exposing tiny scarlet-painted nails?

* Wear every piece of neck attire that you own – necklaces, ties, scarves, collars –  everywhere but around your neck? A bow tie on your wrist? A string of pearls around your head? A mess of metal chain pinned to your jacket collar?

* Take to never wearing street clothes in your own home? Perhaps don a Japanese-style robe and turban? A caftan and some bangles? A vintage slip with woolly knee-high socks?

* Wear a wig?

* Paint a tiny pattern of fleurdelis with liquid eyeliner? Just beneath your eye?

* Wear a patterned t-shirt backwards? Keep your front persona completely clean and decorate your back so you leave a lasting impression as you walk away?

In loving memory of Diana Vreeland

Love Lady Smaggle



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