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Dumb arse things I’ve done this week…

Dumb arse things I’ve done this week…
Carly Jacobs


* Spilled an entire soy iced latte on the floor of Fossil, the watch store in the Canberra Centre. Nothing in particular happened. I didn’t trip, lose my grip or knock it over. I just… stopped holding it. Loser.

* Trying out the new Wii Fit program I entered a phantom piece of sponge cake into my calorie log that I never actually ate, I just wanted to test the calorie counting gauge. The stupid thing is that it is still entered in there as 380 calories that I’m supposed to burn off everyday and I CAN’T STOP UNTIL I’VE DONE IT. I haven’t even eaten the bloody thing but I keep forgetting to delete it and by the time I’ve started my work out… well… I’m committed. Type A personality at it’s worst.

* Substituted egg for tahini when making vegan zucchini fritters. They are not even in the same realm of food. I don’t know what I was thinking.

* Not using insect repellent on New Year’s Eve. I’m a walking itch machine.

* Applying sunscreen approximately one second before getting into the ocean. Cue one hour of squinty eyed swimming.

What about you lover? Anything stoopid you’ve done this week and would like to share?

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. Your latte spilling tale reminded me of a stoopid incident of mine from a couple of years ago. I was at a coffee shop and ordered a regular coffee and asked for soy milk to put in it. The barista took out the soy milk, took the cap off the container, and gave me the container. I then proceeded to shake the soy milk (out of habit) and to my great chagrin soy milk went everywhere, including all over me, the counter, and the barista. This week I’ve been laying low, so I’ve avoided doing anything too dumb.

  2. Eyeliah 14 years ago

    oh yes maam, hmmmm handed the cashier a 20 and a 5 when the bill was $12 something, rammed into something so hard I have a tennis ball size bruise on my leg, threw myself up against the door pushing it open – before using my key to unlock it….. yup a typical week, hope that helps you to feel better about it 😉

  3. Kitty 14 years ago

    I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand yesterday. That was fun. And I managed to lose most of my black eyeshadow in my makeup bag which was hilarious – now everything is covered in black powder! Makes it all look like it belongs to the little match girl…

  4. Grant 14 years ago

    My dumbest moment in recent history happened a few weeks ago, while I was sitting at my desk, filling out some application forms. I work for a Federal Government Department. As i was filling out the forms, I came to the following question:

    “Are you Public or Private Sector?”

    I looked at the question, cocked my head to the side, and then asked loudly “Are we the Private sectore? We are, right, because the Government is… private. And stuff?”

    My supervisor cracked up laughing, then quieted when she realised that she had just hired me into a permenant position…


  5. Diana 14 years ago

    I accidentally drop things for no apparent reason all the time. I’ve just attributed it to general clumsiness. Most of my dishes are chipped in some form because of this.

  6. Heather 14 years ago

    Your tahini vs eggs story made me laugh out loud. I’m glad I’m not the only one with non-thinking misadventures in the kitchen. Thanks for the giggle!

  7. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    La History – I turned the blender on yesterday with out the lid on it. That was awesome.

    Eyeliah – Thanks for sharing. I do feel better!

    Kitty – I’m SHOCKING with make up. I shouldn’t be allowed to have it.

    Grant – I’ve never understood the difference… still don;t!

    Diana – I’m a generally clumsy person too. I think it adds to my charm!

    Heather – Oh it was a TOTAL disaster. Kitchen improve is certainly not my strong point.

  8. serpentine 14 years ago

    Why not make it true and eat the cake? Mwaahh hah hah hah haaaa…

  9. Hdrtery 13 years ago

    your the dumb ass for making this dumb ass game

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