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A Few Things Happening With Me…

A Few Things Happening With Me…
Carly Jacobs

Time for a little catch-up! We’ve officially lived in our country home for 2.5 months now so I thought I’d do a little catch-up post on how we’re doing. This is a template from Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s – the perfect way to do a catch-up post without having to use my brain too much!

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Making – Little kissy noises at Harriet to make her laugh. She’s been smiling for a while but she full on giggles all the time now and I spend most of the day trying to make it happen. It’s so good.

Cooking – ‘Farm fresh’ everything. Since we moved to the Beechworth area recently everything we eat is ‘farm fresh’ even if we bought it frozen at the supermarket. I mean we call it farm fresh. It’s not salad, it’s ‘farm fresh’ salad. It’s not toast, it’s ‘farm fresh’ toast.

Drinking – Tea! So much tea. And a few cheeky glasses of red wine with my mum.

Reading – Knitting design books. I’m writing a course to teach crochet pattern design because there’s a hardcore lack of education in this area and knitwear design is actually the same, they just use different stitches. Weird fact right?

Wanting – Someone to open an F45 in Beechworth. I’ve found an amazing personal trainer here that does classes in her garage so I’m stoked but F45 will always be a part of my soul and I’m already missing it. Sob!

Looking – At my giant lawn and realising I’m going to have to learn to mow it stat. I’ve literally never mowed a lawn in my life because I’ve never had a lawn as an adult. We have a ride on mower – expect a very funny video of me learning how to use it soon.

Playing – Musical theatre soundtracks and singing them to my baby girl. She loves Disney and RENT.

Deciding – On what gardening shoes to buy – I definitely need summer and winter ones so I’m thinking a pair of Birkenstock chef clogs and I recently bought a pair of Bogs gumboots which I love. They’re so warm, they’re borderline too hot. Perfect for cold Stanley winters.

Wishing – We could fast track the shipping container tiny house we have planned to build in our backyard for guest accommodation. Can’t wait for our mates and family to have their own little haven to come and relax in.

Enjoying – Getting to know our new town. We live just outside of Beechworth in Stanley and we’re really loving it. The most hilarious thing is running into almost anyone and having them say ‘You must be Carly and Ben!’. You can’t move to a country town without everyone knowing about it.

Waiting – For a spare weekend to we can get our garden sorted.

Liking – Eating outdoors for most of our meals while the weather is still warm.

Wondering – Why people are such dicks. It feels like I can’t say anything online these days without someone arguing with me or judging something I did. I posted a story where I was preparing tea and I wasn’t even talking about the tea and someone commented saying I shouldn’t put milk in rooibos tea. Why even bother saying that? And who cares? I like milk in my rooibos. Bugger off and quit looking for loose threads to pick at. Do something productive. Sheesh. Also it says you can put milk in it on the box, so shut up KAREN!

Loving – ‘Doing a blocky’. The previous owners of our house would pour themselves a beverage and walk around the perimeter of the property every evening and we’re continuing the tradition. We call it a ‘blocky’ because it’s like a walk around the block. We take our Blocky tea and Blocky snacks and go for a sunset walk every evening to check out our veggie patch, make sure the rainwater tanks are doing what they should be doing and to comment for the 100th time how badly we need to mow our lawn. Bloody love a blocky.

Pondering – Why there are so many slam poetry style ads at the moment. Apple did one years ago and now it seems like every ad is a bunch of non-sensical words with flashing stock photography in the background. Up your ad game, marketing people.

Considering – Learning to sew properly. I’ve tried so many times and can do basic stuff but sewing machines hate me. I need to tame the machine.

Buying – Not a lot a really but I’m eyeing off an Uashmama backpack to use as a handbag/nappy bag. I bought one of their tote bags years ago and it’s still going strong (with a duct tape mending job!) so I really trust that their stuff lasts a long time. Update: I was going to buy one of these but then Mr Smags got me a Moleskine backpack from Milan and I freaking love it. Handsfree handbag situation is a must with a baby.

Watching – The Orville. The new season is so, so good. Seth Macfarlane is a genius. I want to be his friend.

Hoping – Harriet’s sleep patterns keep improving. I know we’ll have ups and downs and regressions but her sleep schedule is SO MANAGEABLE right now and it’s saving my sanity. She’s slept through the night for the last two weeks (with the occasional early morning thrown in for good measure!) and it’s such a gift. I’m fully prepared for it all come crumbling down tomorrow but if it does, I had a good run.

Marveling – At the long, long country days. City days are so short, country days seem to go on forever but in a good way.

Needing – New underwear. I did a big clean out when we moved and now I have like 5 pairs. Must stock up ASAP. My favourites are the Muji midi undies but I can never get the colours and styles I want in my size.

Questioning – ‘Nursing chairs’ – aren’t they just chairs?

Smelling – My baby girl’s sweet skin. I’m seriously addicted, she smells like sweetened condensed milk and rose water. I just inhale her.

Wearing – Anything I can pop my boobs out of but mainly side zip body con dresses from Legoe. So comfy.

Following – Gary Janetti on Instagram. So funny.

Noticing – Harriet making new little sounds and facial expressions every day. It’s like she unlocks these new little tricks every few days. It’s marvelous.

Thinking – About getting a dog for Harriet when she’s about 2 years old so they can grow up together but also knowing it’s probably better to wait until she asks for a dog then she’ll really appreciate it. Thoughts?

Admiring – My local community. None of us have letterboxes in our town so we have to pick up our post at the post office but the council shut it down about a decade ago so the locals run the post office themselves on a volunteer basis. How amazing is that? It’s open for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. When Harriet has a better schedule we’re definitely volunteering.

Sorting – Everything. Literally everything. Clothes, yarn, underwear, bathroom items. I love the cleanse you get when you move house!

Getting – Back to the gym after having Harriet. I did a few weeks of gentle F45 before we moved and now I’ve found a personal trainer up the road who runs classes from her garage. I’m so thrilled – I really need classes to keep me motivated and I’m going to do some personal training sessions too.

Bookmarking – Gardening websites! We have a backyard full of veggies, herbs and fruit trees and I’m determined to not let them die on my watch. We’re also building a bank of indoor plants – we want our house to look like a jungle.

Coveting – All the new Marimekko clothes but I can’t really buy any because I’m still breastfeeding. Will have to wait until the end of the year before I can properly buy clothes without boob access.

Disliking – Not having autonomy over my body. I love being Harriet’s mum and she’s a complete delight but my body has been hers for almost a full year now and it’s really intense. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding… I don’t hate it but by the time she’s finished breastfeeding (whenever that is) it will be close to two full years my body has been solely responsible for keeping her alive. Which is miraculous and I’m thrilled I’m able to do that for her and also experience it but I’m definitely ready for the choices I make about my body to only affect me. It’s a lot of pressure and I’m really looking forward to the day when she can have a damn sandwich for lunch!

Opening – The gate to our little property. Harriet and I usually go for a walk to open it in the morning and then we close it up in the afternoon when we do our ‘blocky’. Loving finding little rituals like that in our days.

Giggling – At Mr Smaggle. He’s gone into full optimization mode on our house and has all these sensors set up everywhere that track the weather and tell us if we should open or close the doors to maintain a good house temperature. He also has a breastfeeding sequence set up so when I get up to feed our girl, a nightlight goes on in her room, a light goes on above her change table and if the temperature in the living room is below 20 degrees, the heater comes on so we won’t be cold at 2am. And it’s triggered by me walking into Harriet’s room between the hours of midnight and 8am. He’s such a magnificent human, I’m keeping him forever.

Feeling – Really good. Obviously, I’d bloody love a solid 8 hours of sleep but apart from that, I feel ace. Harriet is a little champ, she has her moments but most of the time she’s pretty chilled out. Plus country life is definitely agreeing with me.

Snacking – On so much awesome local produce like emu salami, cheese honey, blueberries and chestnuts. And local fresh eggs!

Wishing – Good things for everyone this year. Lots of people I love have had a rough start to the year so I’m hoping 2019 pulls its socks up stat.

Helping – Or hoping to help, run the local town website and/or Instagram account. I really want to contribute to my community and I feel like that’s where I’d be the most use. I’ll get up the courage to offer my services soon!

Hearing – Mr Smaggle having chats with Harriet while I make us dinner and it’s just adorable. He asks about her day – how it went, how much milk she had, did she do lots of poos? – and she babbles back. They’re best mates and I just love watching them hang out together.

What’s happening with you? Anything exciting?

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  1. Amber 5 years ago

    This is the best thing I’ve read all week. I love how much you’re loving life right now x

  2. Jan Hamilton 5 years ago

    Hi, What a lovely catch up – just want to comment on a dog – as a working Mum I decided I did not want to have to look after a dog as well. When my youngest was 15 (!) I finally relented and we went out to the dog pound, then spent time every day for next seven days out there whilst he sat in kennel with a very reticent border collie – his patience was rewarded as she gradually moved closer and closer to him. What a bonus she was to our lives as she regained confidence in humans (well our family) truly a lovely natured dog who my son trained and who so deserved the love and commitment to her wellbeing my son gave her. Although it sounds selfish of me I never had to lift a finger other than to enjoy the many cuddles she bestowed on me. Verbal cuddle to you x

  3. Cassie 5 years ago

    You’re making me want to move to the country! I follow a few people now who live in the country and I’m always jealous. I’m so for the slow life! Glad you guys have found somewhere that makes you happy! And of course love seeing piccies of little Harriet – she is adorable!

  4. Tanya Horsman 5 years ago

    Get a dog!! And I’d recommend a golden retriever. They are gentle giants that adore the whole family. Easy to train and groom and will love Harriet with every fibre of it’s being.

  5. Leone 5 years ago

    fyi. I’m in Cape Town South Africa – just kilometres away from where rooibos is grown. (Cederberg). Here rooibos is drunk strong or weak, with or without milk, with sugar with honey or without. WHATEVER!!! There is no recipe. Have it as you prefer. I hate it when people deem it their right to comment on everything. (mentally – i just say to myself “and down the rabbithole we go”)

  6. Mirella 5 years ago

    Hello! Popping into the comments to say thank you for your honest ‘dislike’ bit. Here in Adelaide with our little 5 month old girl and could not have said it better… so looking forward to being able to give her a damn sandwich when the time comes! X

  7. Jen 5 years ago

    Making- how good are baby giggles- could listen to that all day. And especially babies that we have made- you can be like, “I made you AND I can make you laugh and be a happy human being – I’m winning at life.”
    Wanting- do you have enough clientele to open your own F45? Or and Orangetheory( the next step from F45- love it!) … If you could guarantee a clientele you could totally open your own- I know the owners of a few of these and it’s a good business model…
    Looking- can’t believe you have a RIDE ON MOWER- so cool! Experiment with that- pretty sure you will love it and the only issue will be waiting until the lawn grows long enough to cut it again! Have some excellent lawn contacts if you want some hints #checkoutmaristovals
    Wondering- #f@ckof#Karen – seriously with so many serious world problems and the state of mental health in Australia- focus your energies on something POSITIVE
    Hoping- Go Harriet for being a good sleeper at the moment. So glad you are realistic- it’s a lifelong journey. You think you’ve got them sorted for a few years and then shit happens and all of a sudden you have a 7 year old and a 9 year old in your bed. It’s okay- it’s all part of the journey. It’s not forever and they need you and that’s okay x
    Needing- have you tried Boody? – their bamboo underwear has been a saviour for my recovery when I couldn’t wear underwire on a broken sternum- plus they breathe and are such good quality
    Thinking- a dog is always a great idea- we lucked out with Bella- she was a rescue dog in need of a family to love her. We got her when Evie was 11 months old. So she knew Charlie as a new born. She has never been anything but patient and gentle with children. She is fiercely protective of them, but will curl up at their feet if they are hurt or sick and lets Charlie ride her like a horse and wrestle with her on the floor. The responsibility aspect is also good- they are now old enough to take her for a walk on their own and to feed her and fill her water bowl. Because they have grown up with her they just accept that she is part of life and part of the family and needs caring for. We have even accidentally left the gate open for whole days and always found her in the backyard when we get home- she is incredibly loyal and that’s a great thing for kids to experience. We thought about the timing a lot and realise that it probably means that they will be facing death and grief when they are around 10 and 12 (hopefully longer)… and also think that this will be a good learning opportunity for them – although we will all be devastated when she does leave us.
    Disliking- take it from someone who now breastfeed 6 years ago – crazy how fast time has flown. I still sometimes miss that connection and quiet moments when it was just my baby and me. At the time I felt like a machine that was only there to provide for a little person and the monotony doesn’t stop- the nightly routine of feed, bath, story, bed – goes on for years and years and some nights you think OMG… I am sick of doing this over and over again… but then they do something amazing or are so incredibly witty and funny that you think “This is what it’s all about.” And you forget the monotony and think about the amazing human that YOU have made and are shaping into an amazing adult one day. It’s awe inspiring and scary as f&ck- but worth the changes in your body (which FYI never really goes back to the same as it was before kids unless you are a freak of nature with awesome genes…)
    Giggljng- how incredible is Mr Smaggle?! Seriously that is next level parenting- super impressed!
    Snacking- how good are fresh eggs?! Have you been eating free range duck eggs?! They are the best!
    Wishing- for an awesome rest of the year – I’m with you 109% xx
    Helping- awesome idea. I’ll totally share anything you put out there!
    Love your honesty and love your thinking and love you xx

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