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24 Pretty Sweet Habits for 2024

24 Pretty Sweet Habits for 2024
Carly Jacobs

It’s the beginning of the year and I reckon it’s a fab time to have a little think about habits for 2024. It’s also cool if you’re not into new year habits. January can suck quite a bit so if you need to chill until Feb, definitely do that.

Here are a few cute habits for 2024

1. Stretch that beautiful bod in the morning

lululemon workout unitard

I like this sequence. Mobility is king so stretching is high on my list of habits for 2024. I like sitting on the floor and now that I’m not 21 anymore (I’m 22) I’m hell bent on not losing my floor sitting skills. I want to be like one of those mad 97 year olds with a wild garden that I squat and roll around in until the day I die. Oh also I invite you to try a workout onesie in 2024. I have my eye on this Lululemon one for winter. Perfect if you hate pants slipping down while you’re running.

2. Don’t be a grot with your desk

Give it a wipe over once a week. Use baby wipes if you must. I collected a visible handful of dust from my desk after the Christmas break. Vom.

3. Put your damn phone down. 

Buy one of these. They’re great. Or better yet get yourself a Burner phone. I have a second phone that I call my Burner and it’s got all my social media on it. My regular phone still has my camera and text messages which is all I need when I’m not working. My Burner stays on my desk and I only use it for work. I don’t touch it over the weekend or in the evenings. Totally eradicates doom scrolling. If you choose any habits for 2024, I reckon this one is the winner.

4. Try a new recipe each week 

I like Recipe Tin Eats and Pinch of Yum. 

5. Find your signature dance move 

Inspo here. I’m quite partial to a sl*t drop. Although mine are a bit less sultry than Lana Del Rey. 

6. Give a genuine compliment 

I told a guy recently that he has a very pleasant face and although it was a slightly odd compliment he seemed pretty chuffed.

habits for 2024

7. Do a cloth mask thingie 

I grab them when they’re on sale at Woolies with my grocery order. When I’m feeling fancy I slap it on. I don’t know if they do anything but they feel nice and it mildly elevates an ordinary Tuesday night. These Korean rice ones look good.

8. Update your phone wallpaper 

Especially if only one of your children/pets is in your wallpaper photo and you’ve had a whole second child/pet since the last time you changed it. It’s me. I’m the problem.

9. Dress for you

I’m seeing a lot of Gen Zs in comfy footwear and giant jumper/t-shirts and I solute you Youth of the World. Us Millennials got it wrong. I grew up with a lot of performative hyper-femininity and I’m glad to see it calming down a touch. Nothing wrong with being feminine but it’s cool to see other choices breaking through. I heard a rumour that the young folk don’t wear high heels anymore. I enjoy a structural art heel but I fully support the death of strappy cheap stilettos.

10. Update your social media profiles 

I will continue to use the same headshot I’ve used for the past decade because I don’t have the time or energy to take a new headshot but I love this tip for you.

11. OR delete all your social media profiles 

I’m a fool who chose a career that relies on people finding me (I’m a copywriter) but if you have a regular person job like a teacher/lawyer/doctor why not just never go on the internet again? Sounds brilliant.

12. Read some poetry 

Or write some! Check out these contemporary poets. 

13. Listen to There’s No Such Thing As a Fish 

It’s full of fun, verified facts. I always have a cool fact at the ready thanks to this gem of a podcast.

14. Have a game night once a week 

Our 5 year old loves board games and is frighteningly good at them so we’ve been having regular game afternoons when her sister is asleep. I can see these becoming full blown game nights as the girls get older. We have Spot It, Ruckus and Outfoxed and they’re all great. Next up we’re getting Kids Monopoly. 

15. Ameliorate your lexicon

Or rather, improve your vocabulary. I like Word of the Day.  

16. Change your hairstyle 

I’m in the process of growing out my signature scrappy fringe. Not hating it. Feels fresh.

17. Set fire to your inbox

If you have 17,000 unread emails are you really going to read them? Delete them. Please. For the love all things holy.

18. Learn a cool trick 

I can balance a spoon on the end of my nose and I can also say the alphabet backwards. Both of these things are far more useful than they sound. This video is helpful and there’s literally a kid in it who can balance a spoon on his nose thereby officially making it a cool trick.

19. Find a new music genre to explore

I like electronic and Bollywood for writing because there are no lyrics or if there are I can’t understand them.

20. Create personal mantra 

I have a little gag with my 5 year old if we’re having a rough time of it. I’ll suddenly walk away from her and she’ll inevitably go ‘Where are you going???’ and I’ll say ‘I’m changing into my positive pants.’ and I’ll literally take off my pants hold them up and go ‘Positive pants! Positive pants! Positive pants!’ and put them back on. Like a silly manifestation of deciding to not be grumpy anymore. Personal mantras don’t have to be cringe and may involve a little bit of nudity.

adjustable weights, habits for 2024

21. Go super basic with fitness 

I’ve been a gym gal my whole life with periods of working out several hours a day. I have 2 little kids, my own business and I live on 2 acres that doesn’t mow itself. There’s very little time for any exercise at all much less the 2 hour sessions I used to do. I have adjustable weights (get the auto adjustable ones they’re amazing – the spin on and off ones suck if you you’re a workout where you need to switch weights quickly) and Apple Fitness. I do 30 mins most days plus a walk. That will tide me over until my kids can function without me for longer than 5 seconds.

22. Change your alarm sound 

I had the same one for over a decade and I changed it the other day. Scared the sh*t out of me. Super effective.

23. Delete any iPhone Apps you’re not using 

And while you’re at it, unsubscribe to apps you’re not using. Here are the instructions because I bet you never do it because you can never remember how.

24. Try a new perfume 

OR stop wearing perfume. I haven’t worn perfume for years and if someone says I smell nice I get to go ‘Me? Seriously? I don’t even WEAR perfume! It must be my washing powder. Or maybe someone who smells nice hugged me earlier. I had to run away from a magpie this morning so I’m sure I smell terrible.’

Do you have rad habits for 2024 planned? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Anonymous 6 months ago

    I’m trying to write more regularly on my blog, eat more plants & get back to journaling. I hate that word for some reason but am enjoying actually doing it.

    • Reannon 6 months ago

      I don’t know why that came up as annon….

      • Anonymous 6 months ago

        Comments have been so weird – I took off the spam filter to fix something and everything went weird. Can you link to your latest blog post please? Would love to read it.

        • Author
          Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

          That was me! I got caught on the anonymous thing too!

  2. Azz 6 months ago

    Hadnt seen those mindsight boxes- love that they charge. I’ve been using a Ksafe for years and it’s perfect. No override code, nothing. Once it’s in it’s in.

    Also- I’m begging you not to buy monopoly of any sort. It sucks as a game and teaches the worst lessons. Literally any other kids game would’ve be better. Grab a copy of ‘stomp the plank’ instead!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      Yes I have a very basic one too. I once accidentally locked my phone in there for 18 hours instead of 1.5. Good times. Will def look into Stomp the plank but also chill mate. It’s a board game. Are you even siblings if you haven’t punched each other over a train station? ?

  3. Katie 6 months ago

    I’m popping in to say that, after years and years of reading what feeling like a million different bloggers, I’m pretty sure your voice/writing style/whatever you’d like to call it is my favorite. So thank you.

    Also, habits: stretching more, eating more veggies (and not worrying about any healthy trends), and finding the delight and joy in everyday life.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      Oh my gosh you just made my day! What beautiful feedback thank you. And yes to veggies! I’m cutting back on red meat this year too.

  4. Anonymous 6 months ago

    The bluebird flies north! (Were we supposed to leave that comment here or on Instagram? Lol)

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      I did actually mean for people to comment here but it was marvellous watching people comment everywhere. Bloody hilarious experiment. ?

  5. Anonymous 6 months ago

    The bluebird flies north – yay for blogs!

  6. kattip 6 months ago

    the bluebird flies….north,

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