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Spring Blossoms – Flower Style Tips

Spring Blossoms – Flower Style Tips
Carly Jacobs

Alright! I know the whole springtime/flower thing is about as obvious as the plot of an episode of CSI Miami but lets not be too harsh just yet. Flowers are lovely. There is no denying it. So just suck it up and go with it.

* Spring time is wonderful for wearing flowers in your hair. Just pluck some from a tree and stick them in with pins. Try a few a subtle ones all through your hair or a big statement flower pinned behind your ear. Oh and if you use fresh ones make sure they are grub and bug free before putting them anywhere near your tresses…

* Why not sew a gorgeous fabric flower onto some ribbon and tie it around your neck? Or your wrist? Or your waist? Or even your ankle?

*Buy some fresh flowers and carry them in a basket. I am serious! The pleasantness of this is entirely underated. Plus the cuteness factor is massive.

* Wear a flower pinned to the strap of your sundress. It will hold your bra in place and will make you look deliciously summery.

* Floral patterns are super desirable for spring so make use of the warmer weather and frolic like a kitten on speed in a little flowery cotton number.

 Here are some pics for your floral fix…


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