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5 Quality Clothing Brands Whose Stuff Lasts Ages

5 Quality Clothing Brands Whose Stuff Lasts Ages
Carly Jacobs

‘Excuse me I’d like to return these shoes please. I bought them in February and it’s now only April and they’ve worn a hole through the sole.’

The shop assistant was lovely but obviously didn’t have the authority to put through an exchange like that. She told me she’d refer the case to her manager and the manager would contact me later. I didn’t think there would be an issue because I’d paid $150 for the leather ballet flats just two months earlier and it’s was totally unreasonable for something that was supposed to be good quality to wear out that quickly.

I got an email the next day from the company saying they couldn’t return them because I’d ‘worn them heavily’ and they weren’t designed for that kind of wear. I’m not sure what ‘worn heavily’ meant but I could have walked 50km every day in those shoes and they should have lasted longer than two months. How do you heavily wear shoes? By wearing them like shoes? They also had a weird name like ‘city stompers’ or something that suggested they were hard wearing shoes for people ‘city stomped’, like me. I kicked up a huge fuss and eventually they replaced them because they couldn’t really argue with me. The next pair lasted a full year, which is acceptable (although I would have liked them to last longer than a season) and also proves the first pair were faulty.

When things break or don’t last a reasonable amount of time, I return the item to the store. Like the blender I had that broke after one year of use. I was devastated. It was an expensive blender, worth $199 and I loved it. I used it every day and then one day it started smelling like smoke and then sparks flew out of it. I returned it to the shop and got a full refund but I didn’t want a refund. I wanted a blender that was going to last me ten years. I still haven’t replaced that blender because I want a quality one that’s going to last and spending a decent amount of money on an item doesn’t seem to be a good enough tactic for buying good quality stuff.

quality clothing


Dress from Kuwaii

Shoes from Funkis

As a serial (and vocal) returner of faulty goods, I thought it would be a good idea to give a shout out to the clothing brands I love where I’ve bought items that have lasted ages.


I’ve sung the praises of Marimekko many times but the quality of their clothing is outstanding. I have three Marimekko dresses. This one, this one (which I’ve owned and worn regularly for 7 years!) and this one. They’ve all been worn and washed almost weekly for several years and they all still look brand new. I can’t recommend the quality of Marimekko clothing highly enough.


I’ve bought a few things from COS in the last few years and I’ve been really pleased with the quality. I have this dress, this dress and a top from COS and I still have them all in regular rotation. I’ve had to re-hem two dresses from COS but that’s fine because it’s fixable. It’s when the fabric starts wearing thin or it starts to look shabby or pill-y that I get really grumpy.


I only have one dress from them so far but I bought it over two years ago and it’s been worn, washed, shoved in suitcases and thrown over swimsuits and it still looks brand new. This is one of their signature styles and it’s picture above. It’s such a great summer piece and it’s super forgiving – I bought this when I was a bit bigger than I am now and it still fits great. Awesome brand for weight fluctuaters like me.

Country Road 

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a Country Road dress on the go. My current favourites are this one and this one. Both are excellent and will remain in my wardrobe for years to come. I like Country Road because they favour natural fibres and their clothes just wash and wear so well.


Full disclosure: I’m yet to actually buy anything from Obus but two of my girlfriends are Obus fiends (as in they rarely wear anything that’s not from Obus) and they both have clothing that has lasted years and years from Obus. They’re next on my hit list for quality clothing shopping.

This outfit was worn for a day of pattern designing and course planning for Crochet Coach.

I’m really feeling 2018. I’m not usually a huge fan of January because everyone is so slooooowwww and no one is really on their game and back in the swing of things. I’m finding this year is not like that at all. I already have some great brand partnerships happening, I’ve signed a few awesome clients and the vibe is just really great for 2018. Are you feeling it? Or is it just me?

What are your favourite quality clothing brands? What brand is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear?

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  1. Akaleistar 6 years ago

    It’s surprisingly hard to find pieces that will last. I like Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff for bags, but I haven’t found clothing brands with consistently good quality. I’ll have to check these out 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      I really like Kate Spade! I’ve got a few cute lifestyle books of hers and I just love them. She’s like a modern day Diana Vreeland.

  2. Donna 6 years ago

    Country Road for me too. I have wool cardigans from 2014 that are still going strong. Blue Illussion as well.
    I have a Braun stick blender, had daily use for years. Toasters are my issue, they don’t last more than a year!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Oh yes, Blue Illusion is great, I had a linen shirt from there that lasted ages. I bought an actual Bamix last year and it’s amazing. My mum had one that lasted for 20 years so that’s good enough for me!

  3. Jodie 6 years ago

    I have a few items that are over 17 years old – and think about that every time I wear them! Admittedly, they are not on high rotation, but my satin kimono style top always gets a lovely comment!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      I don’t think I have anything quite that old but I have a few things that are about 10 years old!

  4. Rebekah Jaunty 6 years ago

    Quality is so important, and so hard to come by! Bless you for caring and helping other people find things that won’t fall apart.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      You’re so welcome, it’s the type of stuff you can’t really research, you just need recommendations from people.

  5. Cheney 6 years ago

    That Kuwaii dress looks fantastic on you. I’d never heard of the brand before – thanks for the recommendation! My partner’s a bit of a shoe nerd (is that a thing?) and he laments the poor quality of most Australian shoes – no proper stitching, all glue, cheap materials that wear quickly and can’t be properly re-soled. R.M Williams chelsea boots are apparently good, but sometimes I just need cute flats that are actually meant to be walked in.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Thank you! My friend recommended them to me, they’re such a great brand. Mr Smaggle is the same and RM Williams Chelseas are on his to buy list. They’re super expensive but apparently they last for ages.

  6. EMMA BUTLER 6 years ago

    RM Williams are the best! I have two pairs, black and brown and both over 20 years old and still going strong.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      I think that will be my next big purchase. I wear boots all winter long and I need a black pair!

  7. Sheree 6 years ago

    My fav’s are CR, bohemian traders & Frankie4 in shoes….I don’t have a lot to spend on clothes w 3 kids so I pick up a lot off eBay, I never scrimp on shoes though as I have troublesome feet!

  8. Carolyne 5 years ago

    Country Roads quality has deteriorated as now using cheap fabrics. Sportscraft still has some quality products but knitwear is now horrible.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I find if I choose natural fibres from CR they tend to be okay. I’m a cotton junkie.


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