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Carly Jacobs

Today after work I went op-shopping and found some gems. I am feeling much better after my disastrous retail weekend for I now realise it’s fashion’s fault that I can’t find clothes and not mine. Bloody tulip skirts and pregnancy tops making me feel like a whale. Anyways here is a peeky-boo at my op-shopping treats…

This little grey knit dress fits beautifully and is really soft. I have been looking for one of these in retail all year and I finally found an almost new one at the Salvos.

 This stripey skirt that was originally from Sportsgirl. It’s also knit and it has a funky belt.

This blue beaded top that still has the original tags attatched!

Here is a close up of the bead work

And this is a perfect denim vest that actually looks really ugly in this picture. It’s dark denim and those buttons look cool in real life. The material on the inside is hideous but I plan to wear it buttoned up and no one will ever know! I am looking more closely at this picture and I promise you the vest is no where near that gross.

It was quite a successful afternoon really. I did have to stop myself from buying an 80’s tuxedo style suede jacket with puffed sleeves and a massive collar. It was the most wrong jacket I have ever seen but it was spectacular.


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