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How To Wear Pants When You Never Wear Pants

How To Wear Pants When You Never Wear Pants
Carly Jacobs

’m a dress gal. Always have been. It’s probably because I’m built like a Shetland pony – short stocky legs and the longest torso in the world. It’s difficult to get pants to play nicely with my mid-section. Low rise pants barely cover the top of my butt crack and mid rise pants still require a lot of wriggling to keep them in place all day. I also hate shopping for pants because they never fit and it makes me feel like a mutant. I’d much rather just buy a dress because they’re like body sacks and I don’t have to try to hard to look presentable in them.

I was dress shopping in COS the other day (my new favourite shop) and I spied these little cuties on the rack. I took them to the change room and the damn things fit me perfectly. Sold.



Pants from COS

Dress worn as top from Boom Shankar

Shoes from Toms

Belt from Vinnies

Sunnies from Randolph

Tips for wearing pants when you never wear pants…

Wear a long top

I’m not used to people seeing the tops of my legs, so pants can be a touch confronting for me. On the rare occasion that I wear pants, I almost always wear them with a long top.

Get them in a forgiving colour

COS also had these pants in an awesome tangerine colour but I swear when I tried them on it made it look like my legs were made of lard. I don’t even have a lot of cellulite but that colour made my legs look like dimple city. The black ones did not do this and as such were allowed to come home with me.

If they fit – go for it

I was very tempted not to buy these pants because I already have short legs and cropped pants only make short legs look shorter. I’m so glad I ignored myself because I honestly don’t care. I think they look pretty shmick!


This outfit was worn for a ridiculously hot Melbourne day at the office and my first Fonda salad of 2016. They’re just across the road from my office and they have this incredible Mexican Bi Bim Bap salad. It was the best. I get very excited when I get to eat my favourite foods after being away from them for so long.

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Are you a pants wearer? Dress wearer? Or both?


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  1. Alix 8 years ago

    I finally made it into COS on Sunday and love it so hard. I also bought some great pants – I have the opposite problem of very long legs so that all pants are 7/8 length. Thank god that’s kind of a thing right now. I also got a couple of tops and feel quite stylish in a Swedish architect kind of a way. Loved all the black, white, navy, grey stuff and was confused by the pastel yellow and pink stuff – seemed like two different stores. Anyway, can’t wait to go back and see what other goodies they’ve got.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      I love the colour palette in Cos – I honestly can’t enough of it! It’s funny about the long lengths thing – if you’re tall people just assume you have long legs and that’s definitely not always the case!

  2. Emily 8 years ago

    Gorgeous! I’m tall but also have a long torso and short legs (for me height) so have the same concern about cropped pants. I buy high rise pants and they sit just a touch above the hip line. So glad they came into fashion! The hipster jeans years in the early 00s were horrible!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Oh they were the worst! Thankfully very long singlet tops were also in. Daggy as they were.

  3. Karyn 8 years ago

    I’m definitely going to check out Cos the next time I get into the city. I’m also going to give that salad at Fonda ago as there’s one near my work too.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Oh it’s the best salad ever! I love it – it’s so clean and healthy!

  4. Averil 8 years ago

    I’m a dress gal too- but this summer I’ve been very brave and am wearing shorts! It’s been nice buying some different tops to wear with them, and I’m so cool and comfy!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      I haven’t worn shorts in years! Should look into that!

  5. Love them! I have the same problem as Alix, all pants are flood pants on me. I used to care, now I just pretend they are cropped and get on with life. Agree with you too Em, those hipster jeans were the bane of my life when I was at uni. There was nothing to wear in those days if you looked crap in bootleg hipsters (which I definitely did). Thanks for a fab post Carly. I need to check out Cos now.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Bloody bootleg hipsters. No one looked good in them.

    • Alix 8 years ago

      Get yourself to Cos. I’m 6ft tall and felt the pants were a pretty decent length. I like to think it’s cos they’re Scandinavian and everyone #grossgeneralisation is super tall over there. I had to physically restrain myself from going back in yesterday. You know, just to have a look.

  6. Kelly 8 years ago

    Love the entire outfit, especially your hair (not that is really part of your outfit, but you know what I mean!). I seem to be fine to buy jeans but other pants are the most painful experience in the world. I don’t know what it is, but if I could live in jeans all year round I would be fine. Not entirely possible in a humid Brisbane summer!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Ha thank you! The heat has made it go totally boof! I can’t stand jeans. I have one pair that I hate quite a bit. I’m definitely a dresses kind of gal.

  7. Nikki @ Styling You 8 years ago

    Gorgeousness PLUS! and cropped pants tapering at the ankle are the most flattering and don’t chop off your legs!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Oh good to know! Thanks Nikki you always the right things to say!

  8. Kathryn 8 years ago

    I never wear pants. I don’t even own a pair. I used to have jeans because I thought I needed to have at least one pair but I ditched them. If I’m in a pants wearing situation, I wear shorts with leggings which is much more comfy.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      You mean like for exercise? I’m a 3/4 tighter wearer for exercise but if it was practical, I’d wear tennis dresses to the gym. That’s how much I hate pants. 🙂

  9. I favour dresses for the shape, femininity and whole-outfitedness of them but I do like a pant (especially in cooler weather). Being short, it’s hard to find the right length though. I love the ankle-grazer trend because they provide me the perfect full length pant to go on with. Currently on the lookout for a nice pair of slim fit cropped black pants for work . . . just a little higher than yours, about mid calf would do me.

  10. lumay 8 years ago

    Aside from two pairs of workout leggings, I own one pair of trousers…maybe… I might have purged them. I love skirts and dresses because they are most flattering to my figure. Also, trousers don’t really play into my slightly retro style. I know it can be done, but I don’t see the point of making the effort — and spending the money.

    I think those trousers look great on you. The top is fantastic!


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