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Can You Successfully Hide Food From Yourself In Your Own House?

Can You Successfully Hide Food From Yourself In Your Own House?
Carly Jacobs

This post is sponsored by Allen’s Cheekies Lollies

I CANNOT successfully hide food from myself in my own house… or anywhere else for that matter. That’s why I get Mr Smaggle to hide treats for me. Although I must admit, he’s pretty bad at it. On the weekend I was vacuuming and found this stash under the couch.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.15.41 PM

Not only had he hidden the treats in the most OBVIOUS place but he’d hidden them all in the SAME place. It’s a good thing he’s pretty, that’s all I can say.

In his defense though, he got me good a little while ago. Remember back when I did the Allen’s Cheekies post? I got sent a box of Cheekies, most of which I swiftly crammed into my gob. I took several packs to a rehearsal of my play and as a consequence was adored for at least 20 minutes post consumption. As for the rest, Mr Smaggle hid them so I actually had some left to photograph for the post.

A few weeks passed and all the Cheekies had been consumed. In fact, additional twin packs had been purchased and consumed because OH MY LORD, FRUIT FLAVOURED SOFT CENTRE JELLIES BATMAN they are the BEST 3pm pick me up ever. They’re also portion controlled which is a major bonus for a seasoned over eater like me. The idea of the twin pack is that you eat one pack and save the other for later…because LITTLE TREATS!!!


So a little while after the Cheekies post, Mr Smaggle spent a full day helping a friend move house. Rather than offering to help, I decided to spend the day making love to my couch. I really wanted a little sweet treat but laziness beat my lolly desire to a pulp and I resigned myself to an afternoon of eating dry rice cakes instead. Mid-way through my 90210 marathon, I got a touch chilly and went to get a blanket out of the linen drawer. I gave the blanket a good shake and OUT FLEW A ROGUE BAG OF CHEEKIES!!! Mr Smaggle had tucked a small pack inside one of the blankets. It was just sitting there, waiting for a dangerously low blood sugar leveled Smaggle to discover it. That was the sweetest little bag of treats  I’ve ever consumed. Made all the sweeter by the surprise discovery in my hour of need. Thank goodness for Mr Smaggle and his ability to think beyond hiding treats under the couch… occasionally.

Obviously I didn’t capture the moment at the time but here’s a dramatic reenactment of the event.


Okay so it was kind of hard to capture the shaking of the blanket and the Cheekies flying across the room but you get the picture. The I Found Secret Lollies Dance at the end is 100% accurate.

In typical fashion, Allen’s are offering one Smagglet an extra treat. They have a $100 Westfield voucher for one lucky little lolly lover.

All you have to do is tell us a cheeky tale in the comments about a time that you squirreled away a little treat to enjoy for yourself. The cheekier the better!

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  1. Tahlia Meredith 11 years ago

    Uh oh – apologies if this posts twice, apparently my comment didn’t post just now.

    So. My sister sent me a care package earlier this year while I was recovering from a minor surgery, which included two mint Aeros – two!! I promptly gobbled one before grabbing out the barbecue shapes and DVDs and stashing the box on a shelf. Awhile later I was having an OCD-fest and pulled out the box so I could return the book she sent. Lo and behold – mint Aero! I hadn’t hidden it from myself, technically, but I guarantee my happy dance rivalled yours!

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      It really is the greatest thing. I once found a 6 pack of cider hidden in the back of the fridge when my bestie stopped by to visit. We NEVER have alcohol in the house. It was rad.

  2. Liz 11 years ago

    A tale of having a husband with a sweet tooth and no self control.

    When Jarod first moved in with me, it became pretty apparent my ‘put everything delicious in the left crisper drawer in the fridge’ was no longer going to work.

    When Jarod needed sweets he would raid my drawer and eat EVERYTHING. Seriously, there is nothing this guy won’t eat if he’s in the mood for a binge. Not knowing my delicious stash had been raided, I would wait until I needed a sweet treat and then approach my drawer… only to find he had filled the (then empty) space with logical things like ‘lettuce’, ‘carrots’, and ‘zucchini’. Ugh.

    No problem. I re-thought the situation. Jarod never goes into our medicine box (a giant cardboard box full of alllll the medications we’ve ever had, as Jarod cannot bear to part with anything purchased and not used), so I figure my stash is safe in there. I buy smaller chocolate bars, and hide them under expired packets of antibiotics.

    This works until we move to Hobart… I force him to clear out the expired meds, and he finds my stash… and doesn’t say a word. A couple of months into living down here, I reach for a sweet treat… FOILED.

    Back to the drawing board, and I realise I have the PERFECT location… the only thing that can control his love of all things sweet is the cost… average chocolates, no problem – but my highly prized baking stash? It’s a no go. His brain will not allow him to snack on chocolate so pricey (even though he swears he can’t taste the difference).

    I casually create a box. “Hey Honey… this box is for my expensive baking additions, okay? So those Callebaut strawberry chips and that kind of thing. Really expensive. Don’t eat!” He nods, and it’s on.

    I fill the box with some of my expensive baking stash… a few extra things to bulk it up (100’s and 1000’s, baking paper cups, etc) and start to hide my sweet stash on the very bottom of the box… completely hidden from view. And it’s still ALL MINE. 😀

    All that being said… there are no Westfields in Tasmania, so this was all so you can be impressed at my persistence and genius and not to enter the comp 😉

    • Tahlia Meredith 11 years ago

      Great idea! There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a treat you’ve stashed and then finding it gone ><

      • Author
        Smaggle 11 years ago

        I’m usually the one that’s eaten in my house.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      Ha! Brilliant! I love it! If that was me though something that’s even more fordbidden because it’s expensive, I’d just eat it anyway because ILLEGAL! And you can shop online with Westfield vouchers, so give up just yet!

      • Liz 11 years ago

        I’m the same — expensive? Must be good! And scoff it down. Although I learned when I was very young that expensive cocoa powder does not = tasty chocolate. I can still remember the bitterness from a whole spoonful in my gob.

  3. Bianca 11 years ago

    Like yourself, I have real trouble hiding treats for myself, but I found a cheeky way to do it! to test it out, I did my major grocery shop for the fortnight, so I wouldn’t exactly remember everything that I bought. Which included 1x Mars Bar. I promptly buried the little devil in my tupperware container of rolled oats, that was then shoved to the back of the cooking supplies, behind the flour and brown sugar. I went about my business and unpacked the rest of the groceries and continued with my life.

    WEEKS LATER I feel the desperate need for sweets, and decided to make ANZAC biscuits, the recipe for which, you guessed it, contains rolled oats!

    You can only imagine my delight at getting an amazing surprise from myself, that I decided to bake the biscuits anyway and sent them to my Dad, so that he would get a surprise in the mail for himself!

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      BRILLIANT! And the perfect time to discover it too.

  4. JicyJac 11 years ago

    I can’t hide treats from myself. Whiles I cannot recall where I put my car keys 5 min ago – I can always recall where the snack stash is, my neural pathway obviously know what knowledge is more important to retain. But it is really easy to hide treats from my husband, which is lucky because if he finds treats then they are GONE. My husband is tall and he assumes that I hide things up high to keep them away from the kids (but I never bring out the treats until they are in bed so they don’t even know they are there to look for) so he peers behind the all stuff on the top shelves but NEVER bends over, I can use any shelf below his shoulder height and the treats are safe.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      Ha! I love it! Mr Smags is pretty similar. He used to favour the top shelf but it’s SO obvious. My mum did the same thing until my brother and I turend twelve and got twice as tall as her.

  5. Jasmine 11 years ago

    There’s not a lot of finesse in my methods. I buy chocolates or sweets that are individually wrapped. Open box, open kitchen cupboards: throw handfuls of sweets randomly throughout the cupboards. They end up in saucepans, bowls, measuring cups, mugs, hidden randomly throughout the pantry, between neatly folded teatowels …

    There’s a certain amount of indignity involved in trying to track them down, but I kind of like it. I know I’m sinking to desperate and genuine cravings when I’m on my knees, head down, arse up, trying to crawl into the cupboard where I keep my saucepans, hoping there’s a stray chocolate hidden in there somewhere. It’s especially demoralising when my sister walks in, sees me like that, and wryly says something like ‘Peckish again, Jas?’

    It was particularly rewarding when I moved house. Packing up the kitchen and every now and then uncovering a forgotten/previously un-found chocolate. REWARD FOR MY LABOURS YO! My secret lollies dance involves less arms and more arse wiggling.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      See for me, tracking down the treats is part of the fun! And if I find sweet treats that Mr Smags has hidden, it’s like a won an invisible competition. I often send him photo texts if I find anything and he’ll get mock angry like I found a secret stash of hidden money.

  6. Nikki | Styling You 11 years ago

    Oh YOU are hilarious. Love the gif. Love it. Doing the Cheekies Dance. Let’s Get Cheekielicious!

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      I’m like a child. My enthusiasm manifests itself in physical celebration.

  7. Anonymous 11 years ago

    I have a couple of “BIRD FLU” crates – boxes of basic non-perishable foods. Tins of beans, packs of pasta, powdered milk. A friend working in public health recommended it for the inevitable pandemic.

    They’re in the bottom of my home office cupboards, out of sight. Forgotten. But I also started to stash dark chocolate. Pandemics need a bright light, right?

    Caught out when we ran out of tinned tomatoes and the spouse went to the back-up…

  8. 11 years ago

    My partner and I are about to commence cohabitation.
    I generally don’t buy treats at the supermarket, as I tend to eat them.
    My partner does
    He needs a safe stash plan.
    (Having said all that I have had chocolate survive unmolested in my house for over 48 hours, so go me)

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      Well done you! We have a locked box which is more a filing cabinet but Mr Smaggle is far to lazy to use it. Hence the couch stashing.

  9. Fifi 11 years ago

    A boy recently moved in with me. He bought Milo. Delicious, chocolatey, crunchy Milo. For about a fortnight, I was sneaking a little spoonful every second time I opened the cupboard. So far, I had seen the boy have one Milo drink, while I’d had the equivalent of 10 with my sneaky spoonfuls. Things were getting desperate. I was going to eat the whole tin. I was fantasising about those awesome 9-parts-Milo-to-1-part-milk drinks we used to have as kids. Milo had basically become my heroin. So I did the rational thing and put the Milo tin in a bucket in the laundry cupboard (rationale: if you mop the floor, you get Milo). Perfect solution. Boy said nothing. Whether he hadn’t noticed or he thought I’d had a Milo bender I’m not sure. I hoped for the former and kept quiet. Weeks went by. I’d kicked the habit. I wasn’t even thinking about Milo anymore (evidently, I wasn’t mopping either but let’s focus on my successes).

    Boy came home with another tin of Milo. It was agony but I held out for 3 days before diving in with my teaspoon. I could see a relapse on the cards and I was starting to think about clearing out the toolbox to make room for the second milo tin.

    Then the boy did the unthinkable. He decided to mop. He found the tin. Without saying anything, he came into the lounge room, put the Milo in front of me on the coffee table, sat down and waited for my explanation. There followed a very awkward 10 minutes while I – burning with shame – tried to explain that I wasn’t hiding the Milo from him, I was hiding it from ME; it wasn’t in the bucket so I could eat all of it, it was there so I would eat NONE of it. Boy went through several stages – ‘have I moved in with a crazy person?’ and ‘do you think I’m fat?’ among them – before he believed me.

    The happy ending – the Milo lives in the toolbox, where I rarely venture. Boy gives me ONE spoonful of Milo every time he has some in his milk – less than once a week.

    I have only asked him if HE wants Milo once.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      Is this a very true story? Hilarious!!! And I would kill for 9 parts Milo one part milk drink right now. Things like Milo and Nutella are HUGE issues for me.

      • Erika 11 years ago

        I will admit to sprinkling vast amounts of Milo on icecream (vanilla is good, chocolate just makes for extra decadence). And making Milo with considerably more than the recommended amount. It’s my daily treat.

        • Author
          Smaggle 11 years ago

          Milo on ice cream is heaven.

  10. Nessbow 11 years ago

    When I was a kid I had a huge collection of Keepers. For anyone who wasn’t born in the 80’s, Keepers were plastic animals with a hollow compartment in them that opened with a key. Naturally, they were the perfect place for hiding contraband. But when I was seven, the only contraband I had were a collection of show-bag lollies that needed to be rationed carefully. So into my Keepers they went.

    And then I completely forgot about them. Until I was eighteen and moved out of home. As I was packing up my stuff, I came across a box of my old toys, which included the Keepers and all their keys. I opened each one to discover a treasure trove of ten-year-old lollies and random charms and trinkets. The lollies were no longer edible, but they’d been successfully hidden for over a decade.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      I TOTALLY had a Keeper! WOw what a weird memory. They were like bear type creatures right? What a cute story. I would NEVER have forgotten about lollies though.

  11. dovem33 11 years ago

    I eat as I leave the supermarket. Two kids and no chance I would be able to stash and eat later. They are like truffle pigs. They can smell chocolate at 50 feet.

  12. Omega 11 years ago

    What I love best is when you put something away.. and then manage to forget about it. Then, when you find it, it’s like you bought yourself a present.. I say silly things like “ZOMG! CHOCOLATE! THANK YOU PAST OMEGA!!!” 🙂

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      I actually did find a box of chocolate covered almonds in my glove box once. I was super in love with Past Carly that day.

  13. Nicole 11 years ago

    If there is any chocolate in the house, I will gorge it down. Especially candy made up of a lot of small pieces like m&ms. I’ll be sick from eating too many and my hand will still keep reaching into that bag.
    Strangely enough, the only time I’ve been able to resist that is when I was on the 4HB slow carb diet. We had mint m&ms sitting right on the kitchen island leftover from cheat day and I wasn’t tempted in the slightest. It was like an alien experience. They sat there for almost a month.
    I’ve tried to get my husband to hide sweets from me in the past, but he’s too nice. So, it just takes me being in a down mood to say “ok, I really need the sweets” for him to give over the location.

    • Author
      Smaggle 11 years ago

      Ohhh what’s the 4Hb slow carb diet? Sounds like something I want to do!

      • Nicole 11 years ago

        It’s the 4 Hour Body; named that because it was started by Tim Ferris who wrote The 4 Hour Workweek. I think it’s part of keeping the brand going and The Slow Carb Diet is probably more representative a title.

        Basically, you eat lean meat, fish, and eggs, non-starchy vegetables, beans, and nuts for 6 days a week and then on “cheat day” you eat whatever the hell you want. There’s more to it if you want to make it more complicated like ice baths and supplements, but the basic version works well too. It’s rough going the first few days if, like me, you’re a total sugar addict, but once you get over that, the cravings aren’t nearly as bad. And it was nice that if I had a craving, I would just take note of it and plan to have it on cheat day. I only stopped doing it because it’s very repetitive in it’s restriction and that much repetition makes me physically nauseous.

  14. Timmy DC 11 years ago

    I LOVE the ‘I found secret lollies dance’. I sometimes hide wine in water bottles so Ben doesn’t drink it. Does that count? Haha

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