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Carly Jacobs

Etsy will kill me. I am not kidding. It will either send me broke or insane and to be honest I don’t know which one will come first. For those of you are new to the magical world of Etsy here is a brief description of this wonderland. Etsy is just like Ebay. Only younger, cooler and way out of Ebay’s league. This little online marketplace is full of indie designers selling their wares so everything is hand made. There is jewellery, clothes, art, photography, toys, accessories, bags, shoes… I want to marry Etsy and have lots of tiny crafty babies. The search options are so awesome you can search by colour, by category and also in their Time Machine which actually terrifies me slightly because I don’t really understand it. But anyway today is momentous day in Etsy land for me because I have discovered my favourite search option – Treasury! This is where a selected member picks a dozen items within a theme and it’s updated daily! So it’s the coolest kids of the Etsy crew choosing other cool kids to play with. Oh my… Here are my favourite shops of today… and a pair of earrings that I bought. An evil, evil temptress lies beneath the innocence of the name Etsy. Beware, there are pleasures here that you are yet to experience.

Tilly Bloom

This girl has gorgeous illustrations printed on white perspex in necklaces, earrings and pins.


Holly Hawk

 Leather goddess and incredibly well priced.


Circa Ceramics

Funky tabs in interesting colours with quirky illustrations.



I adore the Paris metro necklace and they do custom orders as well.



Such incredibly delicate work and the colour combinations are outstanding.


So buy up big my pretties and support independent designers!


  1. Lady Smaggle 17 years ago

    Thanks princess! Etsy is totally addictive so be wary…

  2. princessnaea 17 years ago

    o Christ as if I needed another internet shopping addiction. this looks awesome. ps LOVE THIS BLOG you is the ace-est.

  3. vintagevixxen 17 years ago

    i hear you! i just started selling on etsy but my mouse keeps crawling over to the “buy” button. there are great, great things for sale on the site.

  4. Lady Smaggle 17 years ago

    That was so mean telling me you sell on Etsy! I just checked out your store. And so the Etsy obsession grows…

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