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Cheeky Friday/Daily Style

Cheeky Friday/Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today’s Cheeky Friday item was a pair of peachy lace arm warmers. I had one lovely lady say that she wishes she had my sense of style. That’s all. No one else said anything. I really need to crank Cheeky Friday up a notch I think… Anyways I was super busy at work today and now I am off home to get changed (because this outfit is kind of weird) and then I am going into the city to have dinner and beer with one of my best mates!

* Black skirt from Valley Girl (really on its last legs – Tatty Town)

* Grey singlet from Supre

* Black top from Valley Girl

* Grey stockings from Big W

* Black flats from Zu

* Peach arm warmers from BCBG

* Pearls from my mum

* Black rose ring gift from Baldren

* Aviators


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