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Ballerina Style

Ballerina Style
Carly Jacobs

I have been obsessed with ballerinas my whole life. 
I studied classical ballet on and off for most of my childhood but being a person who borders on being diagnosed with A.D.H.D, I found it impossible to move so slowly all the time. Aside from the strength and discipline of dancers they have incredibly powerful style. What appeals to me about this look is the crispness and cleanness. My Virgo tendencies love the groomed hair and sharp lines with minimal fuss. It’s also the suggested confinement within such chaos that is so enticing. It’s incredible how metres of lace, ribbons, roses and frills can be packed in an ensemble that produces such a clean and iconic silhouette. For the cross over into spring I am thinking little head bands, wrap-around tops, toe-less (not foot-less) tights and soft flowing skirts.

Ballerina Pin featured on The London Season by Van Cleef and Arpels

Little velvet house slippers from Hue

Floaty trapeze dress found on en vogue & obsessed

And I discovered Dance Depot though Style Bubble and I picked a few faves of my own…


Perfect as over the knee socks which we all know I am obsessed with right now

Just like the beat up and blood-covered ones that Amy Winehouse wears except cleaner

Snuggly wool jumpers with key-hole cut outs and super long sleeves. How pretty.

Perhaps you should…

* Wear your hair in a loose bun with a ribbon tied around it like a headband?

* Find a short, stiff black tutu and make this your staple evening skirt?

* Wear your round toed pumps with a ribbon looped underneath the shoe and cris-crossing all the way up to the knee like pointe shoes?

* Paint your fingernails nude pink and wear a pearl ring?

* Wear scarves, pashminas and shawls all day as if you have just thrown it on after your dance class?


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