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5 Reasons Why Jumpsuits Will Make Your Life Better

5 Reasons Why Jumpsuits Will Make Your Life Better
Carly Jacobs

I’ve said many times on this blog that I’m not a pants gal (jumpsuits don’t count clearly). I’m built like a Shetland pony – all torso and short legs – so pants just always sit strangely on me for some reason. I pretty much always wear dresses. Even if I’m cleaning the house, I have ‘house’ dresses that I wear. It sounds fancy to be frocked up all the time but it’s really more about comfort and avoiding having to hoick my pants up over my hips twenty times a day.

Recently though I’ve been deeply, deeply obsessed with jumpsuits. It started with the crew from Frankie and Dash sending me a strapless blue linen jumpsuit over a year ago and I put it on thinking it would look rubbish and it actually didn’t look too bad. I’ve since worn it at least once a week in the warmer weather and thought I might well be onto a good thing here.


I then found this jumpsuit at Dotti and it’s been doing the rounds pretty intensely. I found a similar one from a Dotti a few months later and snapped it right up. Then I went in Sussan recently and found this jazzy little number and now it appears I only wear jumpsuits. Can’t say I hate it.

Here are 5 reasons why jumpsuits will make your life better…

1. They usually have pockets

So as of right this second, I have literally no idea where my wallet is. I haven’t used it in weeks. It’s either in my backpack/handbag (which I also haven’t used in weeks) or its in one of ten compartments in the car. I have my credit card on my Apple watch so I don’t take my wallet with me most of the time when I leave the house. I’ll probably be screwed if I ever get pulled over but for now the system is working. This means whenever I leave the house I pretty much only take my phone and a chap stick style lip balm and it seems silly to carry a bag for just those two things. I have about three jumpsuits now that have pockets and honestly, it’s the freaking bees kness. I just pop my stuff in my pockets and I’m good to go. Like a fancy-free dude with privilege pockets.

2. They’re weirdly modern and retro at the same time

Jumpsuits are fabulous in a weird utilitarian way. There’s a nostalgia to them but they also seem quite contemporary. They’re a fashion contradiction and it’s one of the things I love most about them. Like when you wear a jumpsuit, it’s no accident. You’re doing it on purpose. Don’t fuss with a woman wearing jumpsuit. She’s getting shit done.

3. They swifly deal with thigh chafing in summer

If you tend to favour dresses but you don’t love that hot weather chub rub, jumpsuits are your window to summer comfort. For real, I’d go hiking in any of my jumpsuits.


4. They feel like pyjamas

I have never experienced comfort like this in my life. It’s legit like wearing pyjamas but instead of looking hungover you look like you work in a gallery in Newtown and that you’re taking pottery and sausage making classes on the weekend and you have a resin jewellery side hustle that just got featured in Frankie magazine.

5. They’re weirdly casual and dressy at the same time  

I’ve seen a few people wear jumpsuits to weddings and fancy occasions and I’ve always been utterly confused as to how sharp yet totally casual they look. It’s the beauty of the jumpsuit. They transcend normal fashion rules and regulations.

I haven’t done a style post in a while because I’ve been wearing breastfeeding-friendly thermals over winter so my wardrobe has been frighteningly predictable, repetitive and uninteresting. Also hidden because I basically lived in my down jacket over winter. The weather is warming up, breastfeeding frequency has dropped and I’m finally back in the fashion game where I can leave the house without wearing 15 layers of merino and having to consider easy breast access. Huzzah!

Top tips for buying jumpsuits…

Buy good quality – the two Dotti jumpsuits I bought aren’t amazing in quality but they’re both linen blends so at least they’re mendable. I have two from Sussan and they’re holding up brilliantly.

Size up if you have a long torso – As the owner of a very long torso (for real, when I’m sitting down I’m taller than almost everyone) I didn’t think jumpsuits were available to me because of the whole front ways wedgie situation but I just size up. I’m normally a size 14 but if I get a 16 there’s a bit of extra wiggle room. Love it.

Go for natural fibres – Cotton or linen. Breathable and durable. I’ve found cotton and linen blends are also quite fine in jumpsuits. As long as it’s MAINLY a natural fibre, you’ll be golden.

The one drawback is peeing but I don’t find it that much of an issue unless it’s chilly weather and I’m wearing a cardigan or jumper and I have to take that off first. That’s really annoying. Other than that, I don’t find it that much hard than when I’m wearing a dress.

One hazard your jumpsuit sitting on a gross public bathroom floor while you pee but I just kind of tuck and roll it around my legs to stop that happening.

Do you own any jumpsuits? Do you freaking love them?

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  1. Claire 5 years ago

    Love this post! Have you seen the latest jumpsuits by Jericho Road Clothing? I feel like the rainbow fruit jumpsuit could be right up your alley ?

  2. Harlow 5 years ago

    I am loving that jumpsuits are everywhere this season. H&M had some great utilitarian looking ones made from natural fibres recently and I snapped them right up. Honestly can’t get enough of them! I mean what’s better than wearing something that feels like pjs but still looks dressy? If I lived a farm like you do I’d be rocking jumpsuits 24/7, there’s nothing better really.

  3. Annie Rose 4 years ago

    I have owned a jumpsuit or two in my day, mostly in my twenties. Though not so much as a mid life mommy. I like the idea of these cute outfits in summer, though now it’s – 3 and probably not something I will be focusing on for winter wardrobe. That thing you said about going in public with the wedgie rings a bell. It’s one of the things that always bugged me about wearing jumpsuits and probably why i hung it up along with the maternity pants.

    Annie Rose

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