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WIN a Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper!!!

I bloody love a good fundraiser (although I’m usually more partial to boozy trivia night). In the absence of any kind of frequency in social gathering laws, I decided to make a sweet ass jumper to auction off to raise some much-needed funds for our little centre.

I often get people asking if they could pay me to make them something so I decided to make one of my favourite jumpers and raffle it off to fundraise for our local NFP childcare centre.

If you’ve ever seen one of my crocheted/knitted things on Instagram and thought ‘Ooooh! I want one!’ this is the raffle for you!

There are two ways you can help.

  1. Make a donation (buy a ‘ticket’ in the ‘raffle’)  

1 x $5 donation = 1 x opportunity for the Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper to be yours

1 x $15 donation = 3 x opportunities for the Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper to be yours

1 x $25 donation = 5 x opportunities for the Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper to be yours

and so on!

If you want this Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper in your closet, simply donate any amount that’s divisible by 5.

If you simply wish to donate but would rather the jumper live with someone else, donate an amount that’s NOT divisible by 5. So $4, $9, $21.

Technically this isn’t a raffle because I’m not allowed to say raffle on Go Fund Me but I’m following all the VIC raffle laws. Just know that you’re making a donation with the possibility of maybe winning a prize. Technicalities, am I right?

  1. Share the message 

If you already support other charities or your budget can’t stretch to a donation if you could share this with your family, friends or work colleagues that would be an amazing help.


So what exactly happens? 

Everyone who donates in an amount divisible by 5 gets a chance to give this jumper a forever home.

Handmade Luxury Striped Jumper Details 

Seriously, money can’t buy stuff like this. I’ve made two other versions of the jumper and it’s so versatile. I wear mine with overalls, jumpsuits, dresses. It’s the perfect winter piece you’ll wear forever.

Where is this money actually going?

To our local NFP childcare centre Beechworth Community Childcare Centre. NFP childcare centres rely on fundraising for any extras so we should support them in any way we can.

How do I know this is legit?

Because I’ve done it before! I raised money for a special needs school I worked at by doing silly things, recording them and putting them online. I raised over $6000 for that project and the school received every single cent. I ran a similar online raffle for World Vision and raised over $2000. Plus my job is the internet so it would be PRETTY stupid of me to run dodgy a competition. I’m also following the VIC fundraising guidelines for a small raffle. I’m fully above board. I promise I won’t go Belle Gibson on you.

Why isn’t this jumper size-inclusive?

Great question! I wanted to be environmentally conscious and use yarn I already owned (to save an unnecessary purchase) and this is what I could make with the yarn I had. If this fundraiser goes well, my next project to raffle off will be a size-inclusive poncho. I already have the pattern and the yarn ready to go!

Can anyone buy tickets? 

Yep! I will send the jumper anywhere in the world.

How will the raffle be drawn? 

Entries will be taken from the platform, entered into a randomiser (once if you bought one ticket, three times if you bought three tickets etc) and the winner will be chosen and notified.

That’s it! I’d really love your support in any way on this project and if you have any questions at all just give me a yell. Here’s the link one more time.

If you have any questions ask away!

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