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What To Wear When It’s Really Freaking Cold Outside

What To Wear When It’s Really Freaking Cold Outside
Carly Jacobs

I’m a hardcore winter lover. Even on beautiful, temperate summer days, I still kind of wish I was wearing a wool jumper and ugg boots. I was raised in Canberra so I never feel quite right unless it’s under 10 degrees at all times.

Having said that Melbourne is freaking freezing right now and I’m in a bit of struggle town. It’s not Canberra freezing (I’ve never had to scrape ice off my car in the morning in Melbourne whereas you practically get given an ice scraper with every car purchase in the ACT) but it is a touch fresher than I was expecting it be this year. I usually don’t have much trouble getting out of bed in the morning but I’m finding it to be a touch difficult at the moment. It’s just so warm and delicious in there and Mr Smaggle is made of fire so I never want to leave…

what to wear


Jeans from Jeans West

Belt from Just Jeans

Jumper from Valley Girl

Clogs from Funkis – lots of Funkis blogs are on crazy sale right now BTW. Get on it. 


What to wear when it’s bloody cold…

Actually dress for the weather 

If BOM says it’s going to be 7 degrees today, that’s probably what it’s going to be which means you’re going to need a jacket. Winters in Australia are pretty mild compared to the rest of world. Just tell anyone from Canada what the lowest temperature was in your Australian city and they’ll laugh you all the way to Lake Louise. This doesn’t mean it’s not properly cold though and Canberra  often gets below zero but because it’s not minus 25 degrees, no one seems to take it seriously. Dress warmly and don’t leave the house without a jacket. Sheesh. I was in Canberra a few weeks ago and saw so many bare legs shivering around the city. It’s madness. Cover up and dress in layers so you can shed when you’re in a warm restuarant or someone’s house.

Cover your ankles

My ballet flats are dead to me in winter. I go full leather boots every day when the temperature drops or merino tights and full coverage clogs (usually with socks but I was at home wearing this outift and didn’t really need them). It’s just far too uncomfortable having my delicate little ankles exposed to the elements. Also I turn into a right royal bitch if my toes are cold. Get those feet in boots people or at least proper shoes that provide some warmth. Socks are also great, particularly merino wool ones.

Get yourself some merino 

Full disclosure – most women’s merino clothing is super daggy but if you pick and choose what’s on offer at your local adventure store, you can buy some pretty great basics that will keep you toasty all winter long. I’m in love with my merino leggings. I originally bought them for camping but they’ve started to feature more and more in my every day outfits because they’re so damn comfortable. Also if you’re looking for some winter tights here are the best places to buy them this year. 

This outfit was worn for a day of working – shooting Crochet Coach videos, shooting Smaggle videos… all that jazz.

What’s your favourite keeping warm in winter trick?

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  1. KezUnprepared 5 years ago

    I love me some fleece lined tights and for every day, I’m all about the obligatory black puffer jacket (I feel like that’s a Melbourne staple even though I don’t live there I laughed last time I visited and we were all wearing them haha).

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Yep! That’s Melbourne! I have a long AND short black puffer jacket.

  2. Missy D 5 years ago

    I generally run pretty warm so I don’t have to go full fleece and fur. I use light layers. When I lived in the UK I would dress like I normally do in Australia with tights under my pants, good shoes and a good jacket (obvs with hat, scarf and gloves too). But once you’re inside it’s pretty warm.

    Haha, although I actually did once scrape ice off my car when I lived in Melbourne last year. ;D

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I used to run warm but I have a weight threshold and if I go below that (like I did last year when I lost 10kg) I switch into being a cold person. For real, it’s like 1 kilo difference and all of a sudden I’m freezing all the time!

  3. Jasmine Jones 5 years ago has a fab range of natural fabrics including merino and they’re very stylish and warm ? their range is basically my whole wardrobe!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh I had an Intimo lady in Canberra will have to find one in Melbourne!

  4. Vanessa Bowen 5 years ago

    Thermal underwear is a godsend. I shiver through winter because I’m a total cold frog. Investing in some really lovely thermals is a great way to keep toasty. My favourites are the bamboo ones from Uniqlo because they are lightweight but still cosy.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I can’t get any Uniqlo stuff to fit me. I mean they ‘fit’ but they never feel quite right. So annoying because I really love their stuff.


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