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Wedding Style

Wedding Style
Carly Jacobs

 Yesterday one of my good friends got married at the Botanical Gardens. It was a secret wedding so no-one  knew about it until she arrived in a white gown. I was her stylist and here some pics of my handy-work. I think she looks gorgeous and that my styling had very little to do with it. She wore a white fluffy gown with a sweetheart neckline and the gown had little ribbon roses sewn all over it. I made a hairpiece from a feather pad  that I bought from greatqualitylowprices on Ebay and I used some left over fabric from when the dress was hemmed. I also made three glass pearl bracelets with matching earrings.


Wedding Outfit

After spending the afternoon with the bride and bridesmaid I managed to find 5 minutes to get dressed before I ran to the ceremony to warn the groom that she was on her way!

  • White shift dress from Big W
  • Black 3/4 sleeve top from Valley Girl
  • Red wedges from Big W
  • Black opaques from Myer
  • Black chunky chain necklace from Itrip Iskip

 All in all it was a lovely day and the bride and groom are very happy together! Congrats to the MacFunks!


  1. Gervy 16 years ago

    She does look gorgeous – well done you, what a lovely friend! I love hearing about weddings where people do things a bit differently. And I LOVE the idea of a surprise wedding.

    I only hope that the guests were given some clues about the dress code. My family threw my a surprise 21st… I was completely surprised and arrived at my house looking far too casual for my liking.

  2. Sally 16 years ago

    Ooooh you did a greeat job!
    It would be handy to have you as a friend!!!!!!!!
    I love your outfit aswell, your shoes are the shiz!!
    Keep up the good work =]

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