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Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2024

Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2024
Carly Jacobs

I’m what you’d call a nail voyeur, especially with Valentine’s Day nail ideas. I can’t have long nails because I can’t type well with glam talons and I also crochet. It’s impossible to detangle yarn with claws in the way.

Weirdly though, I love nails and nail art. I went through a huge Jamberry phase back in the day. I mostly do my nails from home and I keep them short, square and matte. Very tame. I follow a lot of nail art accounts on Instagram because I love watching sped up videos of nails being painted and adorned with little sparkles and stickers. So satisfying.

In another life, if I didn’t have to use my hands as much as I do,  I’d be book marking these styles to take to my local salon for Valentine’s Day nail ideas.

I usually use Ohora strips at home with a UV lamp but press on nails are having one hell of a hey day. I’ll link to similar styles in press ons or gel strips if you’re keen to give them a try. I’ll do a tutorial for semi-cured gel strips soon. I love them! But I’m liking press ons for events. They’ve come a long way and actually look better than salon nails I reckon. Much quicker and cheaper too.

Glitter Valentine’s Day Nails

Glitter Valentine's Day nails

I feel personally if you’re going to go for glitter it needs to be balls to the wall, cuticle to tip sparkle. Perfect for dazzling your lover when you sip from a fancy champagne flute.

Get the look. 

Pastel Valentine’s Day Nails

Pastel Valentine's Day Nails 


A more subtle nod to cupid’s day with a candy theme. Cute for a first date picnic or a Galentine’s Day do.

Get the look. 

Minimalist Valentine’s Day Nails

Minimalist Valentine's Day Nails 


This would be such an easy DIY option to do at home. Just buff, clean and tidy your nails, pop on a few decals and then seal with a clear top coat. Minimal effort for something so cute don’t you think?

Get the look.

Blackboard Valentine’s Day Nails

Minimalist Valentine's Day Nails 


I’ve never met a vampy nail I haven’t liked. This screams Dark Academia to me. I want to see it with a wool kilt, sharp bob and opaque tights.

I reckon you could recreate this look with black press ons and white nail decals.

Gold Trim Pastel Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Gold Trim Pastel Pink Valentine's Day Nails 

These feel on trend to me. I’m not a trendy gal myself but I feel like girls who look stylish in track suit sets could pull these off. Bouncy ponytail essential.

These have a similar vibe. 

Boudoir Bow Valentine’s Day Nails

Boudoir Bow Valentine's Day Nails 


For those who want a subtle nod. I reckon most nails techs could recreate this but if you don’t fancy salons these could work. 

Airbrush Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Airbrush Pink Valentine's Day Nails 


Sometimes just pink might be enough. These dreamy press ons will get a similar look. 

Little Kisses Valentine’s Day Nails

Little Kisses Valentine's Day Nails 


If you want to really commit to Valentine’s Day nails – these ones fit the bill. 

Heart Tipped Valentine’s Day Nails

Little Kisses Valentine's Day Nails 


These are cute. Like the Queen of Hearts. I can’t find any press ons like this but I think it’s just red polish on the tip. Hope you have a steady hand! This OPI is the most classic red you’ll find. 

Little Sweetheart Valentine’s Nails

Little Sweetheart Valentine's Nails 


Subtle, classy. These are the nails you need if you think your lover is going to propose. Similar ones are here. 

Goth Hearts Valentine’s Day Nails

Goth Hearts Valentine's Day Nails 


Valentine’s Day nails but make it emo. If pink isn’t your thing, give black hearts the attention they deserve. 

Graffiti Valentine’s Day Nails

Graffiti Valentine's Day Nails 


Cute. It’s artistic and playful. I’m feeling it for Galentine’s Day celebrations or just for some R&R on the day itself. Similar vibes here. 

Teeny Tiny Hearts Valentine’s Day Nails

Teeny Tiny Hearts Valentine's Day Nails


Love. Subtle nod to Valentine’s Day but it’s still all business. Similar vibe here. 

Cherry Blossom Valentine’s Day Nails

Cherry Blossom Valentine's Day Nails 


If hearts aren’t in your wheel house, cherry blossoms make for a cute alternative.

I’m actually at a bit of crossroads when it comes to my nails. I’ve been regularly painting my nails for my whole adult life. I don’t have naturally cute hands. They look like giant baby hands. I have perfectly inelegant square palms with short stocky fingers. Also the proud owner of the raggediest cuticles I have oil them daily or my hands look like I’ve spent my life toiling in the fields rather than sitting calmly behind a laptop.

I’d love to rock a natural nail but my hands just don’t look appealing enough without some kind of grooming or decoration. It’s not for me – it’s for my job(s). My hands are regularly featured in content for myself and for my clients. That sounds really weird, but it’s kind of part of my job to make sure my nails looks aspirational.

I read this article about nail privilege and just kept nodding along. It’s true for me. I get treated better and my content gets better engagement when my nails are done. Sad but true.

Having said that I recently discovered the ‘Japanese’ manicure where you use a P-Shine kit to make your natural nails as gorgeous as possible. I’ll do a full blog post on this kit soon but you can check it out here.

It’s a series of pastes that you buff into you nails so they look healthy and shiny without having to use any polish. I’m loving using it so far. It gives that clean, manicured look without actually using any polish.

Are you a nail polish person? Or do you generally go natural? I’d love to hear about your nail journey.

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  1. Anonymous 2 months ago

    I love seeing other people’s gorgeous nails but I honestly am SO slack about mine. I let them grow to their hearts content, until they break so I usually have all my nails at various stages of growth at once lol. I used to do the whole nail file on the train thing in my early working years but barely even know if I own a nail file these days. I will say, I have REALLY tried to have pretty nails I swear, but for some reason I can never get nail polish to last for more than a day or 2 no matter what brand I try, including a home gel light. Also, I seem to be intolerant to the chemicals as, if I wear polish a couple of times in a row, the white of my nail spreads lower into the pink (meaning its actually lifting from the nail bed, ekk!!) which is currently my situation from wearing nail polish for about 3 days 3 weeks ago!! And natural nail polish lasts about 3.5 mins before it flakes haha. Stick on nails feel way too narrow for my masculine hands and always pop off. I love a real manicure but I can’t bring myself to commit the time or money to it. I have considered the nail dip kits recently but I can’t see it going well for me haha!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 month ago

      Oh same! I saw those dip kits and I was… nope. There’s no way I will be able to get that to work.

  2. Anonymous 2 months ago

    A tutorial would be amazing! I’d love to try at home nails!

    • Author
      Anonymous 1 month ago

      I’ve been trying a Japanese natural manicure too! Will do a tutorial on that.

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