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Style Tips

Style Tips
Carly Jacobs

* Occasionally let your outfit speak for itself. It’s a very mature approach to dressing so if ayou have a fabulous and well made garment let it be it’s own statement and leave jewellery for another time and place. Do paint your nails though. Always.

* Take the time to do your hair properly in the morning. It’s your crowning glory and if it looks like crap then you will feel like crap. And only wear a hat if you plan on wearing it all day. For obvious reasons.

* If you have ten thousand pairs of high heeled shoes JUST WEAR THEM!!! Alright I can hear you whingeing already about your sore feet but just wear them until they start to hurt and then switch to the ballet flats that you have stored in your massive canvas shopping bag. Easy-peasy-booby-squeezie! And at work wear your heels while you are sitting at your desk or having meetings and then slip on the flatties when you walk to get a coffee or to post a letter.

* Challenge yourself by wearing different accessories every day. If you have a staple ring or necklace that you wear everyday ditch it for a week and wear something different. You’d be surprised at what gems you’ll find in your jewellery box.

* Wear clothes in your size. I don’t mean a 12 or a 10 or a 14 I mean YOUR size. Diana Vreeland once remarked that it was very cheap and western to wear tight clothing and that it was much more classy to fit your clothes easily. Truly stylish women never have visible muffin tops or back fat because they choose clothes and underwear that fit. Simple.


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