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Silly Things For a Bus: 10 Days to Go…

Silly Things For a Bus: 10 Days to Go…
Carly Jacobs

A few weeks ago I started the project Silly Things for A Bus to raise money for Waratah Special Developmental School and I’m super stoked to let you guys know that I’m 78% funded!!!!

BUT I’ve only got 10 days left to the raise the rest.

Here are a few of the silly things I’ve been doing so far… highlights include the super cute girl who served me in the Unicorn video, the completely uninterested couple who walked passed me in the Pushing Egg video and the amazing staff at Huxtaburger who did the Hokey Pokey with me. So funny.

Here’s the list so far…

Skipping While Doing The Grocery Shopping (for a bus)

Eating Tinned Spaghetti With My Hands (for a bus)

Walking Around With Toilet Paper Hanging Out of My Dress (for a bus)

Tying a Jelly Snake in Knot With My Tongue (for a bus)

Pretending to Be A Unicorn For A Bus

Rolling An Egg Along the Pavement With My Nose (for a bus)

To all of you that have backed the project so far –

Ben Hamey, James Turnbull, Mark Chandler, D, Sarah, Maggie Mckeand, Madeleine Bourke, Martha, Miriam Honner, Riffing The Verse, The Baragoon, Chrystina Cappello, Sarah Von Bargen, Allan Sparkes, Samantha Muthiah, Dominic Quach, Kelly Exeter, Hemera Baretta, Tahlia Meredith, Naomi Milthorpe, Anita Jones, Sonia, Paloma, Kate McKibbon, Corrie Sebire, Lorraine Elliot, Kelly Nairne-Halliday, Renee Bugg, Caroline Childerly, Lorraine Murphy, Carli Furmage, Emily Have a Laugh, Laura Lannigan, Chris Harrison, Christina Butcher, Christina Pink, Miss Lee, Stephanie Woodruff, Glenda Hanks, Nina Stanwell, Lindsey Carpenter, Christine Wang, Anna Spargo-Ryan, Rhian Birnie, Vanessa Rowse, Cat Conidi, Bek Day, Kerrin, Liz – I Spy Plum Pie, Jen, Janet Miller, Kate Mck, Chris Lloyd, Peter Mckeand, Sally Jacobs, Bianca Wordly, Jenny Wallace, Shona Stott, Ruth Wallace, Narelle Humphrey, Ruj, Nikki, Beck Roberts, Suze Van Meegan, Amy Lewis, Jess Hill, Eva, Dimity Harris, Stacey, Alison Asher, Tim Mullaly, Kelly Blanden, Christina Atkin, Erika, Yvonne Adele, Elizabeth Hall, Sam Leader, Louise Byrne and Amanda Kendle.

– you guys are such incredible humans and we’re so thankful for your support.

If you’re interested in having a silly video dedicated to you simply click here.


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.17.34 pm


Let’s get this bus funded!

Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and You Tube so you don’t miss any of the videos. I’ve got the Asking A Stranger For An Autograph video coming soon and it’s ADORABLE!

Have you watched any of the videos? Which one was your favourite?


  1. Have A Laugh On Me 8 years ago

    YOU ARE AMAZING! Funny as all fug these are – I’ve watched them all twice and am going to get drunk and watch them all again and piss myself!!!! Thanks for the laugh and so glad you’re almost at your goal. I hope local media have jumped on board? Maybe a local radio station, they should!! Em

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      I had a mention in a newspaper and a local radio station covered it too much you can’t click on a mention on the radio so the coversion has been quite low. Almost there though! I’m PRETTY sure I’ll make it! 🙂

  2. I absolutely laughed my head off at them all but my favourite is the egg pushing video. People! There is a lovely lady PUSHING AN EGG WITH HER NOSE down the street!!! Sheesh! Anyway I hope you get the remaining 78% you gorgeous soul. xxx

    • carlyjacobs 8 years ago

      I’m almost there! It’s so exciting! People are hilarious. I have an amazing one coming up with the best guy ever. You’ll love this one.

  3. Although the unicorn one is a very close second because I totally believe in them 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      I love the girl behind the counter in that one she was so cute.

  4. nat carter 8 years ago

    Hilarious! Such a fun way to raise funds! Gotta be the egg video for me. You are so talented with jelly snakes, that was a close second!

  5. Come on, peeps – let’s get this bus on the road!

  6. Kate 8 years ago

    You are rad. That is all.


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