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Shopping Retail

Shopping Retail
Carly Jacobs

Alright! I know I said that I would limit my shopping to little boutiques and second hand stores but tonight I caved and went shopping at a mall. I set myself limits though. I was not allowed to buy anything basic or black. After 3 hours I left with 2 pairs of black tights and a black cardigan. Damn you Westfield for selling horrible, tedious and unflattering clothing in disgusting synthetic fabrics. Damn you for selling out of everything half way decent in my size and for not ordering more. Damn you for not having enough toilets. And I hate Kookai. There I said it. I know Kookai is every Sydney girls little love child clothing store but the sizes are MENTAL! Size 8 to 10 is a 1. Size 10 to 12 is a 2. The is no size 3. Um… exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Size 10 is in there twice and there is no size 6 or 14. And the size 12 is really a 10. Are you confused? Me too. And everything in there is orange. So screw you all, I am going to Vinnies tomorrow morning. And then I am going shopping on Etsy. And then I am going to write another post about how much I hate malls. That’ll learn ya…


  1. Lady Smaggle 16 years ago

    Ew I know, I get polyester regret every summer.

  2. Hailey 16 years ago

    The synthetic fabrics are so horrid! I cringe at my teens when most things I bought at the mall were 100% polyester!

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