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21 Places To Shop Small For Christmas 2018

Full disclosure: I’m not actually buying anyone Christmas presents this year because bub is due in December and will, like all babies, come along when she’s good and ready which could be any minute or could be a few days before Christmas. We have no Christmas plans because we don’t know if we’ll have a 2-week-old or a 2-day old baby so we’re just backing out of the whole thing. Can’t say I’m mad about it. Christmas usually involves many 4 to 8 hour long drives for us throughout the season and I’m very much looking forward to not doing that this year.

I’m assuming most other people will still be needing to buy presents for their loved ones so I thought I’d pop together a few places where you can shop small (and mostly Australian!) to give your loved one a present they’ll actually like and also support smaller stores that stock ace stuff.

I’d also like to encourage people to buy useful presents this year if you can help it. If you don’t know what the person you’re buying for wants, just ask them. If no one asks you, drop hints! It’s much better for you to say ‘I’d love a pair of these super comfortable and slightly spendy knickers in a size 14 please!’ and end up with something you’re going to actually love and use rather than something generic that was grabbed hastily at the last minute.

Can I make a suggestion? If you have a big family or big workplace that results in lots of random gift exchanges, why not make a public list of things you’d like to receive and just whack it on Facebook? I know some people might find it a bit icky but if I had to buy someone a Christmas present and they popped a list up on Facebook of things they’d really like, I’d be stoked and I’d be clicking that buy button faster than lightning.

Here are the rules to make it work.

  1. Choose three items
  2. Between $15 to $50 to account to all kinds of budgets
  3. Make sure you’d be happy to receive multiples of each item

For example, this is my list.

  1. Pepper Jack shiraz or cab sav and a promise to drink it with me soon
  2. Clover Amour crochet hooks in any size
  3. Indoor plants that are hard to kill

I certainly wouldn’t hate it if someone gave me something that wasn’t on this list but at least if you make it public, you give people the chance to buy something useful if that’s important them. Not being shy about my love of Pepper Jack means I get given around 8 bottles every year for my birthday and it’s so much better than being given a pile of random stuff I may or may not use.

Mr Smags list is similar

  1. The Muesli Bar Grain-Free Granola
  2. Icebreaker Anatomica Merino briefs in large 
  3. Wool & Prince Merino socks in large 

Do take the time to make a little list and pop it on Facebook or tell someone in your family (like your parents!) so the info is out there.

On that note, here’s a list of lovely places you can shop small to make your gifts count this year.


1. Pieces of Eight

A gorgeous gallery that hosts wonderful, unique pieces from Aussie jewellers.

2. Readings

The most beautifully curated bookstores in Australia. If you don’t know what to buy, grab a voucher. Best present ever.

3. Add to Cart 

This is my mate BabyMac’s new shop and it’s filled with cute stuff – bags, bed linen, socks.

4. One Girl Studio

Minimalist and modern homewares.

5. The Art of Tea Tasmania 

Artisan tea for anyone who loves a cuppa.

6. Mama Chomp

Gorgeous, home-baked treats delivered to your door.

7. Biome

An excellent store full of waste-free products.

8. Nourished Life

All natural beauty, homewares and clothing.

9. Able and Game 

Funky mugs, cards and stationery.

10. Third Drawer Down

Funky, designer and artistic gifts. Some cute stocking stuffers too.

11. Happy Valley

Excellent shop for men – lots of wallets, watches and dude accessories.

12. Ko Ko Ko Shop 

Cute kids wear and lovely minimalist jewellery.

13. Maison Blanche

Gorgeous hand poured candles.

14. Golden Biscotti

Clean and aesthetically pleasing homewares.

15. Each To Own 

Fabulous statement earrings.

16. Champagne Cartel 

Funky tees and totes.

17. Little Paper Lane

Beautiful stationery, diaries and notebooks.

18. Blush and Co

Rose gold jewellery.

19. Go To 

Cruelty-free, super simple skin care.

20. Styling You Shop 

Fashion and accessories.

21. Emma Kate Co

Lovely, high-quality stationery and lifestyle gifts.


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Where do you like to shop small? Link to your favourite small shop in the comments!

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