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Secret Wedding Business…

Secret Wedding Business…
Carly Jacobs

Shhh! I’ve been asked to be a stylist  at a wedding for a very dear friend of mine who I’ve been mates with for years. She is having an engagement party soon but it’s really a secret wedding and I am the stylist! But seeing as no one knows about my site yet (and won’t until after the wedding) I though I would put a sneak peak of the accessories that I made. I made a hair piece from a snowy white feather pad and chunks of material I cut from when the dress got hemmed- And I will swear on my Chanel 2.55 (that I don’t yet own) that I thought of this BEFORE the Erin Featherstone collection in 2007! The bride will vouch for this once the wedding is over. Also a three strand glass pearl bracelet with matching little earrings. Seriously this girl looks so gorgeous in her dress it’s almost a shame to accessorise it… but I did anyway. Will post pics of the final look once the big day has come and the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Oh if you want to get your own feather pads go to she is a little stingy with the postage ($8 to post FEATHERS? I believe paper weighs more and costs less) but true to form her feathers are beautiful and reasonably priced. My advice is to stock up and make the postage worth your while!


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