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5 Beautiful Ways To Recharge Your Soul

Recharge Your Soul

sn’t the first half of the year totally nuts? I know mine always is. We’re not supposed to glorify being busy but sometimes you’re actually just genuinely busy and you don’t have many options other than to just ride it out. I say yes to things way too often but I’ve learned to embrace that about myself. I’d rather do all the things and then concentrate on a good recovery rather than miss out on something awesome. There’s no cure for fomo, you just have to do the best you can if you’re cursed with this affliction like I am.

I get a little bit jack of advice that tells people to take time out for themselves and take care of themselves. The advice is great but sometimes that’s genuinely not an option for some people. What then? I’ve been travelling with work a lot this year and every day I’m plugging away on a different project, I literally don’t have time to stop and when I see articles that say ‘Call in sick to work and get a massage!‘ I’m like ‘I run a business doofus. I can’t call in sick!’. Also most of the people I know don’t have time to call in sick just to recharge. What magical jobs are these that allow that and how do I get one? So I have to come up with alternative plan when I’m run a bit ragged.

If you’ve been burning your candle at both ends like busy little otter, here are a few beautiful things you can for your soul to keep you chugging along…

Stop conversing

I’m a silence filler. Awkwardness kills me so I tend to launch into full sparkle mode to try to make everyone feel comfortable. Most of the time this is fine but it takes up a lot of my energy and when I don’t have much to spare, I stop doing this. When I need to, I’ll throw my Uber rating out the window by not engaging with drivers, I’ll use the self serve check outs at the supermarket so I don’t have to talk to cashiers and I’ll avoid places where I know I’ll have to carry the conversation. It’s a lovely subtle way of honouring my own needs without totally withdrawing from society.

Engage in familiar content

I’m a self confessed TV junkie and I love watching brilliant shows but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to give to something new like that so I’ll pop on some Sex And The City or Degrassi. There’s comfort in familiarity and it gives you a chance to properly rest. There’s a big difference between rest and sleep and most people get little to no rest. Block out 2 hours with week, lay on the couch and watch a movie you’ve watched heaps of times before. It’s an amazing re-charge.

Mix up your lunch break

Breaking routine is an amazing refresher. Pack your lunch and eat outside (if it’s not too cold!), meet a mate at a cafe or bring in a big pot of soup to share with your work mates. If you’re always shovelling a salad in your gob at your desk, a simple change of cuisine and scenery can make a huge difference.

Comf up’

Mr Smaggle and I have a thing where we ‘comf up’ or give each other ‘permission to comf’ and this basically means putting your comfy clothes. I have a pair of cotton long johns, a big snuggly navy sweater dress and the best ugg boots in the world as my winter comfs and I cannot wait to put them on at the end of the day. Usually I have to earn my comf up moment but if I’m really struggling with life, I allow myself to do it a little bit earlier.

Go to bed straight after dinner

I have to be pretty desperate to do this but it really fixes me when I’m properly stressed. I have a shower, pop on some clean pjs, grab my book and spend an hour or two in bed before I sleep. I would have been just watching TV or pottering around in that time anyway so why not use it for re-charging properly in bed? No guilt. Just do it.

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Does your soul need recharging right now?


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