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Pregnancy Style: 5 Things I Can No Longer Wear

Pregnancy Style: 5 Things I Can No Longer Wear
Carly Jacobs

I took a screenshot of the little puffin picture on my pregnancy app and send it to my grandmother. I send a weekly update to our parents and grandparents letting them know how the little one is chugging along.

‘She’s 33cm, weighs 900gms and is the size of a Puffin!’ 

My grandmother wrote back ‘So big! But where is she?’

I’ve definitely reached a stage where I look pregnant but not almost 6 months pregnant. Especially if I’m wearing a sack style dress, it’s not even a thing.  I wrote about this at 20 weeks and now I’m at 25 weeks and not a huge amount as changed. I’m still wearing the same clothes, still the same bras and I haven’t had to buy anything new at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried and truth be told I’m actually delighted but it is quite strange to be told I have a not so small bird-sized creature in my tummy that apparently weighs almost a whole kilo and I can still button my pre-pregnancy jeans under my little paunch. I’m constantly amazed by how much stuff is in my uterus right now and how it’s having almost no effect on me or my appearance. I’m just a little thicker around the middle than usual. I tried on a fitted dress with no stretch in my usual size at Marimekko on the weekend and it fit perfectly. Crazy right? If bub could help me out and make the birth this uneventful that would be ACE. Fingers crossed hey?

Even though there’s not a lot to look at in the tummy department right now, I’ve JUST started noticing a few things dropping off on my regular wearing rotation.

pregnancy style


Dress from Jacqui E – I have had this dress for like 9 years now and I still love it. It’s tulip style so it’s working well with my little belly right now. Here’s me wearing it last year, in January, four years ago, and 7 years ago styled almost identically!

Wrap cardigan from Zhai  

Boots from Ecco 

Tights from Big W – just the generic 100 denier school tights. Love em!

Cashmere wrap from Sew and Tell in Berry – Sew and Tell in Berry is one of my favourite shops and it’s actually a yarn/craft shop but out the back there’s a gifts/homewares shop and that’s where Mr Smaggle spied this 100% cashmere scarf. It’s now become one of those shared items. It’s not ‘his cashmere scarf’ it’s ‘the cashmere scarf’. Except I wear it as a wrap. It was like $25 too – total bargain. If you’re in the area, grab one. They come in heaps of different colours and they’re super versatile. I can see both of us getting a lot of wear out of it.

1. Hight waisted exercise tights 

My low waisted ones are still going strong and I can wear my high waisted ones for a long walk but they’re getting a touch too firm to wear around the house all day like I used to. These are SUPER firm ones though designed to withstand serious cross training. All my soft ones are still great, thank goodness.

2. Control top tights 

Most of my winter tights still fit perfectly – I usually buy a size too big to accommodate for my long torso so they’ve been super stretchy and very comfy. I have a few firmer pairs that are designed to suck you in a little and those are starting to get very uncomfortable. Will have to pack those away until next year.

3. Pyjamas 

I usually wear warm winter pyjama pants to bed but a fun pregnancy thing I didn’t know about is that your temperature rises. I live in a house with rubbish heating and terrible insulation and I’m sleeping in a singlet top and undies in the dead of winter. It’s bizarre. Mr Smaggle has noticed too… I’m like a human hot water bottle and he loves pressing his cold feet against me to warm up in bed. It’s all fine and dandy now but I suspect this whole situation is going to SUCK in summer. Stay tuned.

pregnancy style

4. In-ear headphones for prolonged periods of time 

When you’re pregnant, people will often tell you random things that happened to them when they were pregnant. I like hearing these stories because it’s so weird how different everyone’s experiences are. Last week someone mentioned their ears were blocked for a large part of their pregnancy and then the penny dropped. MY ears are often blocked! I thought it was a climate thing because we were in NSW in the mountains for a few weeks but I think my inner ears are playing up. I can wear inner ear headphones for a short while but then I start feeling nauseous which never use to happen. I’m using my BOSE headphones most of the day now. It’s no biggie but just one of those weird little things that happens sometimes.

5. Old hipster undies 

I have some very old, very comfy undies I usually wear to bed but I can’t wear them anymore because they fall down! They just don’t stay up around my thicker hips anymore. Super disappointing because they’re so comfy. My newer ones where the elastic is still intact are fine but my proper comfy ones are dead to me now. So sad.

This outfit was worn for a day of pottering about – we’ve been away for two weeks and we just got back to Melbourne which means a lot of washing, cleaning and preparing for the week ahead.

Have you been pregnant? When did you have to stop wearing your regular clothes? Was your pregnancy style different to your regular style?

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  1. Becs 5 years ago

    Carly, you look fantastic, and there is definitely a baby in there! I’ll cross my fingers for a smooth birth too.

  2. Claire 5 years ago

    You look lovely. I loved being a human radiator through winter. For once I was warm.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I’m always cold in winter so this has been rather lovely!

  3. Kate Macfadyen 5 years ago

    For me it was about 5 months the first time round and almost immediately the second time. The first thing to go was jeans. I had one or two loose hippyish dresses that made it all the way through, and longer skirts I could still wear but pulled up a lot higher (so the waist was right under my boobs) and possibly with a button undone. I love what you’re wearing here, both the old and new versions, and it’s perfectly “you.”

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      It’s funny, internet people keep saying ‘Oh you definitely look pregnant’ but I actually just don’t. People who see me all the time are constanly are like ‘Seriously? Where is she?’ and thank you! I’ve had this outfit for years, it’s a keeper!

  4. Steph 5 years ago

    I bought normal high waisted tights in my 3rd trimester that i thought were stretchy enough and they fit ok but half an hour into my Pilates class i was almost dying they felt so tight ?
    I also persevered so long with my work polo shirt because i refused to buy work appropriate maternity clothes so was just wearing black tanks underneath. At about 27 weeks my Mum asked me when I was going to concede defeat and I realised that I seriously looked like Winnie the Pooh with my tshirt half way across my protruding stomach (or homer ?)

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Ha that’s so funny, like the opposite of me. Literally all of my clothes still fit me including the non-stretch ones. 🙂

  5. thatgirlmillie 5 years ago

    It was about 5 months for me too. I did have one pair of lowish waist Nobody jeans that were so worn in and stretched out that I was able to wear them for ages though. I never thought I’d be a long tops and leggings mum but it did happen in pregnancy. I’m very relieved to be reacquainted with my high waisted jeans though.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I’m just wearing all my regular clothes, it’s bizarre. Over 6 months now! I’ve reached the point where I’m thinking this is the most pregnant I’m ever going to look.


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