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Not quite fashion…

Not quite fashion…
Carly Jacobs

I mentioned the other day that I was going home to make peanut butter slice for a peanut butter addicted friend and I thought I would include some pics for you. When I saw Sam last night (before he knew I had made the slice for him) he was all annoyed and said ‘So… who’s this peanut butter addicted friend that you’re making this slice for?’. I was all ‘It’s you, dickhead.’ He was quite delighted…

I promise this isn’t turning into a cooking blog. I’m just a totally gluten-free Nigella Lawson right now and I like to brag. 

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Marianne 16 years ago

    Gluten free peanut butter slice?! I’m all, erm, eyes, if you would tell us the recipe! Yummy!

  2. Ivy 16 years ago

    oh my god, that looks soooooooooo good. i’m with Marianne, tell us the recipe! or a link or something? (i’m in cooking mode, myself, actually) 😛

  3. Lady Smaggle 16 years ago

    I’ll get the recipe to both of you asap! I just have to remember to get it from my house.


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