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My Birthday!

My Birthday!
Carly Jacobs

It’s my birthday in two weeks time and to celebrate the fact that I am no longer in my ‘early twenties’ (eek!) I am having a freaky fashion party. This means that all that the guests must arrive wearing something that they have been too shy to wear in public before. I hope this means that there will be plenty of fabulous hats and lace gloves and impossibly high shoes. For my girly pals this means that they can wear that weird but heartbreakingly beautiful dress/bag/hat that they bought (and probably paid a fortune for) but have never had the opportunity to wear. I’m particularly interested to see what the boys will come up with. I am hoping there will be some rock star hair or nail polish or even eyeliner but I am pretty sure that most of the boys will take my unusual theme as an invite to break out the hawaiian shirts and Loony Toons vests. What would impress me most is if one my gorgeous lads came decked out in a man skirt of some kind. I’ve always admired men who wear sarongs or linen wrap skirts although I do think you have to be ridiculously good looking, tanned and wearing some kind of designer jesus sandals and $500 sunglasses to pull off such a look. Dreadlocks would also help. So would being Jamaican. As for me I am having trouble deciding what to wear. There isn’t a lot that I wouldn’t wear in public except maybe tracksuit pants but that kind of defeats the purpose of the theme. I might have to give my turban it’s official debut but to be completely narcissistic I just got my hair cut and it looks damn good so I am reluctant to cover it up. I also have a fabulous black mini-dress with MASSIVE crepe bubble sleeves that terrifies me so I might give that one a go… Ah but who knows. I am a shocking fashion consumer that runs around grabbing things in shops that have no correlation to each other and are purchased simply because I love them. I also refuse to buy anything that I don’t love so I have a serious lack of basics in my wardrobe. Anyways enough of my rant I will post some party inspiration pics as soon as someone teaches me to use a Mac. Why the hell can’t I right click the mouse? I am seriously struggling here without the ability to cut and paste. I also have no idea how to hide the screen I am working on. It’s a good thing I am not at work or looking at porn.

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  1. Danielle 8 years ago

    I wish there was a like button on your posts. Most of the time I can’t be bothered writing a comment but would still like you to know I enjoyed your writing.

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