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Mary-Kate and Ashley

Mary-Kate and Ashley
Carly Jacobs

I’m not so much fascinated by the fact that these girls were millionaires before they could use a proper toilet but more by the fact they are so small. It is amazing to me that Mary-Kate can wear Balenciaga bricks on her feet and still barely skim the shoulder of anyone she is standing next to. She is tiny. Those extra large Starbucks drinks aren’t really that big she just makes them look like novelty toys. I have to admit I do love Mary-Kate’s shaggy/homeless look but when I try to wear oversized jumpers and shawls I look like a massive sherpa carrying a wounded goat on her back. I was gloating in my head a few moments ago thinking ‘Yeah well she’s so short she’d look really stupid in a long dress’. Then I found this photo. I stand corrected.


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