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Kenneth Jay Lane, marry me.

Kenneth Jay Lane, marry me.
Carly Jacobs

I hate It always makes me have no money. I was very angry this morning to discover that they have a bevy of amazingly niche fashion books including this one about Kenneth Jay Lane. Have I mentioned Kenneth before? He is my imaginary boyfriend. I first disvored him when I was reading a book years ago and saw all these animal print enamel bangles and chunky coral earrings. Ever since that moment every time I open a Vogue magazine and my breath gets knocked out of me by a gorgeous mammoth cocktail ring or a sharks tooth necklace you can almost garantee my lover was the god of creation. Unfortunately my budget forbids me from purchasing his wares on a regular basis however I did promise myself that if I went to the gym every day for a month I could splurge on the double headed tiger bangle that Diana Vreeland wore. That was 5 months ago. I still don’t have it. But look at the pretty necklace on the cover of this book! Doesn’t it make you want to cry?


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