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Introducing Poductivity: The Podcast That Helps You Create Little Habits, For a Big Life

Introducing Poductivity: The Podcast That Helps You Create Little Habits, For a Big Life
Carly Jacobs

As some of you may know my beautiful friend Kelly has ‘retired’ from our podcast Straight & Curly. It was a perfectly lovely, it’s-just-time-to-move-on retirement but that left me wondering what to do with the podcast.

I was happy to let it be done – it was lovely and I really enjoyed chatting to Kel on the air for so many years – but it did what we wanted it to do.

I’ve had the idea for a laser focussed productivity podcast for a while but never had the time. When we finished the last season lots of listeners expressed that they wouldn’t hate if I kept doing the podcast and maybe had some guest interviews. I decided to give it a red hot go and today the first episode is live.

Welcome to Poductivity – the podcast that helps you create little habits, for a big life. The premise is that I chat to awesome people you know of and awesome people you don’t know of and I pick their brains about how they get stuff done.

My first guest is Zoe Norton Lodge. She’s a writer, director and presenter who’s been working at the ABC for many years, mainly on The Chaser projects like The Checkout and The Hamster Wheel. Zoe was also a writer on The Letdown. On that note – here’s the details of the first episode of Poductivity!


Episode 1 – Creative concentration, cancel culture and checking yourself with Zoe Norton Lodge

It’s 2020 and we’re all basically full of rage. If anyone does the slightest thing wrong, we hit them hard with the shame stick. Often repeatedly and often to the point where they struggle to get back up again. We film people in supermarkets buying all the toilet paper, we never let celebrities forget That One Shit Thing they said ages ago and we cancel our friends when they share something stupid on Facebook.

How can we break this habit? Zoe Norton Lodge talks about shame, cancel culture and how we can keep ourselves in check when it comes to being utterly outraged by literally everything ATM. We also talk about juggling lots of different jobs when your husband also has lots of different jobs and you also have kids. Habits we chat about include staying focussed on bigger projects vs smaller projects, solo projects vs group projects and staying in the zone when you’re a creative person and you’d rather be off with the fairies.

In this episode, we talk about 

  • Working in TV and what happens when you’re a creative person who has to concentrate 
  • Getting into your dream industry when you don’t know anyone
  • Cancel culture and whether we’re taking it too far
  • What happens when your family cleaner finds your vibrator under the bed (!!!)
  • How the weapons we wield to shame people are often too harsh to fit the crime
  • The debut of her new show Reputation Rehab
  • How the hell she got Nick Kyrios on her show 
  • Working with The Chaser’s Chas Licciardello and how much of a workaholic he is
  • Switching hats from small to big projects and how to effectively switch your focus

If you want to keep your outrage in check and also learn how to be effective and creative at the same time (Zoe is!) this episode is for you.

Links mention in this episode

The Chaser

The Checkout (RIP – sob!)

The Hamster Wheel

Reputation Rehab 

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed 

Chas Licciardello

Planet America

The best bits from Zoe

“Eventually, I weaselled my way in like a little termite burrowing into wood.” 

“No one wants to be responsible for a Covid cluster. That would be so embarrassing.” 

“Something was off… and I looked on the mantel and it went ornament, ornament, candle, vibrator, ornament, candle.” 

“Why do we like to shame people, what does it do for us and why do we do it?” 

“When it comes to public shaming, do we think the punishment fits the crime?

Want more from Zoe?

You can find her on Instagram here and her show Reputation Rehab starts tonight on ABC.

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