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How To Style Curly Hair for 100% More Volume

How To Style Curly Hair

Well maybe not 100% more volume unless you want to back comb it with a hell of a lot of hairspray but these are my tips for how to style curly hair and get extra volume in hair that’s a bit over it. I’ve been meaning to put this post together for ages but there are several reasons why I haven’t.

1. My hair routine changes all the time so if I write down what I’m doing it’s sure to become redundant almost immediately.

2. People are weird about hair and the last time I wrote about how I changed my hair routine I got a truly bizarre email from some woman in the states who had been following my old routine and was properly pissed off that I didn’t update it with the new one quick enough. Calm down, Anne. I’m just a chick from Australia with curly hair. I’m wholly unqualified to be your hair Messiah and any positive results you garnered from my previous routine were almost certainly coincidental. I heartily recommend you take the following advice with a giant grain of salt… and a tequila shot.

3. This information is only relevant to people with curly hair which probably isn’t most of my readership and I hate boring people with irrelevant stuff. Soz to my straight-haired sisters. Can I interest you in an article about moving house? Productivity? Time and money-saving food hacks? There’s something for everyone here at Smaggle!

A few facts to kick things off –

How To Style Curly Hair


I wash once a week (usually on Sundays) but sometimes I stretch it to ten days if my hair is still looking good. My hair has a scale of excellence where it looks better the dirtier it is until it falls off a cliff and then I look disgusting. I usually wash it one day before that happens. I use Nioxin Shampoo (not CG friendly) and give my scalp a good massage and then follow it with Nioxin Conditioner. I use the number 3 combo for light thinning for coloured hair but there are different numbers for different needs. Then I rinse and apply Garnier Hair Food in Papaya while my hair is still quite wet. This is a CG friendly product and it’s excellent. I use it as my leave-in. I ‘squish to condish’ and jump out of the shower.


I apply the Nioxin serum to my scalp. The bottle says you’re supposed to use it every day when you wash your hair but I only wash my hair once a week and like hell I’m going to do it every day. I’ll sometimes do a mid-week application of the serum on dry hair when I remember. I use a 20 cent piece size dab of Deva Curl Beautiful Mess (CG friendly) and work it through my hair, concentrating on the roots (that’s where all the sneaky volume hides). Then I squish the product through and pop it in a microfibre towel for about half an hour. My daughter finds this thoroughly amusing. She’ll just stare at me as if saying ‘Mum… You know your hair is gone right?’.


I dry my hair upside down squishing with the microfibre towel as I dry. When it’s about 70% dry I spray my hair with sea salt spray. I sometimes make it myself (which is CG friendly) but when I don’t, I just use whatever I find, hopefully, something low in parabens and silicones but a little alcohol seems to be okay on my hair – I’m currently using Juuce Sea Air Mist which isn’t CG but is sulphate and paraben-free. I just grabbed it at the hairdresser and it’s pretty great. Then I dry my hair almost completely and pop it in a claw clip overnight. I like clips that are flat on the bottom otherwise they dig into your scalp. Also the microfibre towel I use isn’t fancy at all. It’s actually a weird towel thing I found in a bag of microfibre towel scraps we bought.

Next day style 

I sleep with my hair in the clip and when I take it out the next day it usually looks okay. When I exercise I put it up in a ponytail with a telephone cord style hair tie. 

If it’s particularly flat in the morning I’ll spritz it with water/leave-in conditioner combo and some sea salt spray and dry it with my Dyson. Takes 2 seconds and gives extra volume.


I just sweat on my hair and then let it dry. I’m a weird unicorn whose hair looks better the dirtier/sweatier it gets. I get rad volume and that proper messy Parisian girl look. I look like rubbish when I walk out of a hairdresser but I look like a freaking supermodel after ten days of camping. It’s a weird gift.

Bad hair Days 

I chuck my hair in a hair tie and put on a headscarf and tie it turban style. You look immediately elegant and it’s an excellent way to fake volume.

I don’t do any deep conditioning or weekly intense treatments. Personally, I find overly moisturised and conditioned hair is the enemy of volume.

So that’s it! That’s my current hair routine.

How do you style curly hair?

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