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How to Simplify Your Life with Subscription Services

How to Simplify Your Life with Subscription Services
Carly Jacobs
subscription services

In a recent episode of Very Excellent Habits I was chatting to one of my guests and we both realised how much we love subscription services. I didn’t realise it but I actually have a lot of subscription services I use and they’re really great so without further faffing here are some subscription services you might like to try. Just a note – none of this sponsored. They’re things I use and love all the time or things I’ve seen that I think look cool.


Here are the subscription services I chat about in this episode…




•Toilet paper

•Meal delivery kits (extra info about the environmental impact of these VS regular grocery shopping)

•Dog and cat food

•Contraceptive pill (extra musing on whether or not this is actually a good idea)

•Toothbrushes both electric and wooden handled

•Seeds for gardening



•Tips to make sure what you’re signing up for is legit and not


So if you want to simplify your life even more, this episode is for you.


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