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How To Save $1000 Without Even Trying

This post is brought to you by ME Bank

’m a pretty money savvy gal. It kind of goes with the territory when you’re the product of two working class parents – a nurse and a plumber. When you’re raised in a household where your parents earned their money by touching gross stuff, you learn to respect the hard earned Aussie dollar.

Trying to get money out of my parents was like trying to get blood from a stone – they were like ‘We worked hard for this money – why should we give to you?’. Fair point. In honour of my frugal upbringing I’ve teamed up with the peeps from ME (formerly ME Bank) to introduce you to their new buck Debit MasterCard®. Basically it’s a card you can use ANYWHERE and it doesn’t cost you ATM fees… for real. So I’ve put together a few tips for how to save $1000 without even trying, because we’re all a bit lazy at heart aren’t we? Why would we put effort into something if we don’t have to? Here’s how to get $1000 in your bank account almost without lifting a finger…

1. Entertain at home

If you like to wind (wine?) down on a Friday or Saturday night with a few glasses of wine at a bar, you could save yourself a fortune by doing this at home. Drinking at bars is lovely but if you do it every week, it gets super expensive.

1 bottle of wine at a pub = $45

1 bottle of the same wine at a local bottle shop = $15

If you replace one evening at the pub per week with an evening at home

52 (weeks in the year) x $45 (cost of a pub bottle of wine) = $2340

52 (weeks in the year) x $15 (cost of a bottle shop bottle of wine = $780

Total yearly saving = $1560

2. Pay attention to the little things

Little things like paying for parking when you could park for free further away, using only your bank’s ATMs or avoiding toll roads to save money on fees. A few dollars might not seem like a lot of money at the time but it really adds up. For example if you get charged $2 every time you use an ATM that’s not your bank’s ATM and you do this a few times a week (because your ATM is a good 15 minutes away from where you shop), you’re wasting hundreds of dollars a year.

3 x $2  ATM withdrawal fees per week x 52 (weeks in the year) = $312

If you want to avoid these fees you can sign up for a ME Everyday Transaction Account with the buck card. Seriously at any bank, at any ATM in Australia, the buck card will cover your transaction fees. For those of you (like me) who are too lazy to go to their own ATM this will save you about $300 per year and you don’t have to change your behaviour at all. Win. Plus, there are no monthly account-keeping fees and no minimum deposits required. It will stop you getting that nasty shock every month when there’s $25 in withdrawal fees.

Total yearly saving = $312

3. Thoroughly check your credit card statement every month

Cancel subscription service, gym memberships. If there’s something you’re being charged for like a music subscription service that you no longer use, cancel it. Over the course of a year $14.99 per month for something you never use really starts to eat up your money.

12 x $`14.99 for a music subscription service you never use = $179.88

Total yearly saving = $179.88

4. Buy in bulk

If you buy a muesli bar from your work cafe every day for $4 when your local supermarket stocks the same muesli bar $2.50, you need to start buying in bulk.

48 working weeks in the year where one $4 muesli bar is purchased every week day = 240 x $4

= $960

Buying the same 240 muesli bars in bulk at your local supermarket = $600

Yearly saving – $360 

5. Make your savings automatic

This is a huge one – if you just pretend your rent or mortgage payment is $100 more per month and pay that money into a separate account you’ll effortlessly save $1200 over the course of a year and once you set it up, you don’t even have to think about it.

Yearly saving – $1200

So I lied at the beginning of this post. If you make the above adjustments you’ll actually save $2831.88 without even noticing. You don’t even have to do without anything, you’re just redirecting wasted money.

So the cool cats at ME are running a competition for Smaggle readers (yep – this competition is exclusive to Smag-lets) and you have the chance to win a buck card with $500 on it. All you have to do is…

  • Pop over and visit buck –
  • Come back here and tell me which colour buck card you would pick (Bonus: guess which colour I picked?) and leave me a comment telling me what you’d spend the cash on if you won.

Easy peasy! T&Cs are here.

So tell me… what would you spend $500 on? A holiday? Some fancy new duds? And which colour buck card tickles your fancy?

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  1. Catherine 7 years ago

    Green for me! What a great idea! Id spend it on some new shoes…I broke my foot last year and its now a bit fatter and my old faves don’t fit!

  2. Katy 7 years ago

    Oooh! I’d pick the green one. I’m getting married in April then heading off to the NT in April to do fieldwork for my PhD but that will also be my honeymoon so I’d spend it either on getting a fancy car to the wedding instead of my dad’s camry or a couple of nights in a nice hotel in Darwin as a honeymoon treat before moving onto the uni campus. Also, in the first tip you’d save $1560, not $780, so even better!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      I did pick up on that! Must have accidentally copied and pasted it into the wrong spot!

  3. Tamara Cashin 7 years ago

    That’s easy. A green one. And I’d use it towards the costs of my seven year old daughters upcoming eye surgery.

    • Katy 7 years ago

      I wish her the best for her surgery 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      Oh good luck for your daughter’s eye surgery – I’m sure it will go splendidly. x

  4. Natasha Leonard 7 years ago

    Gorgeous green. A little cheeky weekend away staying somewhere luxurious and secluded!

  5. Lisa 7 years ago

    I would choose green as a reminder of ethical consumerism. I’d invest $100 in micro loans for women’s enterprise through (it’s a gift that keeps on giving), $100 to medicines sans frontiers, and spend the rest hiring a coast house through air BnB and invite my mates down for a fabulous weekend.

    • Katy 7 years ago

      I feel a little selfish now for my wish!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      That sounds perfect – that’s something one of my mate’s and I have talked about – helping women in developing countries start their own businesses! Our dollar goes so far in most parts of Asia it’s almost silly not to.

  6. Jenny O'Keefe 7 years ago

    Yellow for me so it pops out of the sea of cards in my wally when I’m hunting for it.

    With five hundo I would get a Fitbit and a massage table – they’ve both been on my wish list for aaaaaages but I’ve never had the spare dosh to splash on them.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      FitBits are so worth it. I loved mine until I got the Apple Watch. Perfect thing to spend it on.

  7. Rochelle Helen Hrabak 7 years ago

    My family and I are soon moving in to our first home, and all the expenses seem quite overwhelming. I would put this towards decorating – I love homewares! And I choose blue, it’s my favourite colour!

  8. April 7 years ago

    Definitely yellow! It would be like a little ray of sunshine every time I opened my wallet 🙂
    I would spend the $500 on a new sopranino clarinet. I only just discovered that they existed a couple of months ago and I’ve been wanting one ever since. The sopranino clarinet is the cutest instrument ever!

  9. jodie C 7 years ago

    I would usually pick the green but I think the Yellow would be perfect!
    Our kitchen needs a good clean and freshen up and a mini makeover! A new table so our family can congregate each night would be amazing 🙂

  10. Leanne 7 years ago

    This is so fantastic! The past year my spending habits have gone from super strict to terrible. I don’t want to think about the cost of atm and parking fees I’ve paid.

    I’d get the yellow card. It’s beautiful and bright! I’d definitely use it on my next much needed holiday, and a wardrobe update after spending all my money in 2015 on study!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      Money spent on study is never wasted but it’s lovely to have a little bit of extra income when you finish!

  11. Flik 7 years ago

    I would choose green. It looks like a lovely mint colour. What would I spend the money on? I’d probably sit it in my ME mortgage and redraw it when I have time to visit my friend in NZ and her new baby.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      Perfect way to spend the money! And flights there are quite cheap at the moment!

  12. Rebecca 7 years ago

    Love the orange! I would buy my elderly rescue dog a life jacket and fitness equipment to help with his rehab. I’d treat myself to a massage and lastly I’d get a new lawn mower, because mine is stuffed and the catcher is so broken, it doesn’t ‘catch’ anymore.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      Oh what a sweet thing to spend your money on! I love that.

  13. Melissa 7 years ago

    Oooooh, I love the mustard yellow card! (And I’m guessing you would go for the almost Smaggle-esque green?)

    I’m currently saving for a big trip overseas (wish I had taken some of this advice sooner…) so any extra $ will go towards that. My dream is basically to sit in cafes in Paris, reading Simone de Beauvoir, and pretending I live there. Every time I get a coffee I think, ‘Would I rather have a coffee here in my office… or a coffee in Cafe de Flora?’ 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 7 years ago

      Ha! I actually went for the yellow – it just kind of spoke to me!

  14. Jess 7 years ago

    Orange for sure! I’d spend the money on de-bacheloring my boyfriend’s apartment – I’m about to move in with him! Bring on the scandi chic!

  15. nonnuclearmaven 7 years ago

    Orange! I would spend the $500 getting all my art and pictures hung by a professional in my new house. I’m banned from power tools

  16. Alix 7 years ago

    Orange for me – cos it goes so well with turquoise.
    I’d spend the money on a new laptop – cos my current one is making some very strange noises and it’s a little disconcerting.

  17. meg 7 years ago

    Mustard yellow! BEST. COLOR . EVER!
    Tempted to go with this bank regardless if I win or not simply this have a card that pretty.

    Would put the money towards my holiday fund really really really want to go to Cambodia in October

  18. hailz 7 years ago

    Avocado green for sure! (Yum!) I would buy airfares or accommodation for our first family holiday that I want to take this year! Bubs is 8 days old, not too early to plan right??

  19. In the absence of pink, I’d probably choose the calming blue to remind me to make sensible monetary choices. I’d use the dosh to buy a ticket to ProBlogger 2016 – working part-time means disposable income isn’t as disposable as it used to be and I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO so that would make it easier to justify as a sensible investment into my blogging career!

  20. Alix 7 years ago

    Oh I love eating and drinking at home – both from the money-saving aspect and I find it more relaxing – but my extrovert husband loves being out in the world, surrounded by people. It’s a constant battle! Simple saving – take your own lunch to work. Save $10 per lunch, even twice a week, adds up to $960 you could save! Of course, making your own lunch still costs money – but probably not that much.

  21. Ms Frugal Ears 7 years ago

    I like the green – or is it teal? Either way it is a cool colour. Thanks for the post. Lots of tips for being mindful with money. It is amazing how the little bits add up (or slip away).

  22. Chelsea 7 years ago

    Um I hope you picked the one that’s basically “Smaggle Teal” otherwise as a marketer I’m disappointed haha. That’s also the one I’d choose. Not just because it’s your colour but also it’s my fave out of all of them and there’s no black listed.

    I’d drop the $500 on a deposit for a surf/yoga retreat in Bali or Hawaii for SURE.

  23. Erica 7 years ago

    It’s not easy being green, says Kermit, so I’d pick YELLOW!
    It’s my 40th birthday this year, and I’d like to treat my friends to a cocktail night IN celebration.

  24. Mel 7 years ago

    I’d definitely pick the green/aqua. Pink would have been my first choice, but you can’t have everything!
    I’d spend the $500 on a couple of date nights with hubby. Having 2 kids, this doesn’t happen as often as it really should!!

  25. KyliesWifeLife 7 years ago

    I would get the teal green ME Buck card as it matches my nails this week! I would spend use the Buck Me Card to purchase a new oven because my oven has a mind of its own and will change settings at random and turn itself on and off as it pleases. My sponge cakes are not nearly as good when they start at 160c and finish on turbo grill!

  26. Katy 7 years ago

    It’s amazing how simple changes can lead to big savings!
    I would definitely have to pick yellow!! It would be easy to spot in my wallet, and reminds me of a sunny day 🙂
    $500, what a luxury! I would spend $200 towards back-to-school expenses for the kids, and then blow $300 towards a 1/2 day day-spa treatment for myself that I’ve always wanted to give a go, but haven’t had money to spare on before.

  27. Jen 7 years ago

    Orange please!! And my daughter starts university in a few weeks and I’m worrying how to pay for her text books! this would be AMAZING!!!

  28. Belinda 7 years ago

    I’m looking at changing careers which means I need to retrain, so I would use the money on the Blue card towards course fees.

  29. Antonietta Martiniello 7 years ago

    Green for me! I’d spend it on a weekend of pampering before school goes back for me and my daughter x

  30. Ashleah 7 years ago

    Pineapple yellow! To remind me to save my pineapples ($50 notes) for my first house deposit ?
    A $500 card would go towards some locally Melbourne designed and made clothing I’ve been eying off and a birthday celebration for my best friend who’s home from London at the moment.

  31. KellyNH 7 years ago

    Green would be the winning colour for me! This card sounds fantastic. Ive been on the lookout for something to take the place of my non-friendly account and I think this ME Debit Mastercard may be a winner!
    I would totally spend the dosh on our DIY kitchen renovations, as although we are saving cash by DIY-ing its taking foooorrrrreeeveerrrrrrr and my urge to buy lovely things to decorate it is getting overwhelming………

  32. Hayley Simpson 7 years ago

    I would choose the green and I think you would too, because it matches your Smaggle logo. I would spend the $500 on my holiday to Bali next month. That would allow me to buy a lot of beachside cocktails and daily massages!

  33. Anne-Margaret 7 years ago

    Blue please. It’s my favourite colour. I’d put it towards a new tv. I want a smart one that I can watch all the cool new shows on via all those new platforms. Stan Netflix etc. I’d be guessing the greeny tealy one for you!

  34. vanessajrowse 7 years ago

    Excellent tips – particularly that one about the wine 🙂 I’ll take a green BUCK and I’ll spend the money on school shoes, art smocks and uniforms for the kids because it’s that time of year! x

  35. Lizzie 7 years ago

    I’d love the green one, to put towards my holiday in Germany in June. Beer and sausages, here I come!

  36. Heather scheller 7 years ago

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would pick the blue. I would spend the money on season passes to SeaWorld/movie world/wet n wild for our family of four. Family experiences like this to me are priceless!

  37. Tamara Dignun 7 years ago

    Love the yellow one! If I was to win $500 I’d throw the biggest banging pre-wedding hen’s day for my sister!!

  38. Tina 7 years ago

    I think that gorgeous green one has my name all over it! I’d use it to get my green thumb on and set up a vege garden with my little tribe.

  39. Jo Morgan 7 years ago

    I would buy as many David Bowie Greatest Hits CDs as I could! Then post them with a lovely note to some beloved friends to remind them how much I love them and to give the gift that keeps on giving! ? the green card would look so pretty in my purse – looooove it!

  40. Kylie 7 years ago

    The blue is quite nice, in a very underrated way. I’d put the cash toward a Kay Bojesen monkey for my soon to be bub’s nursery. It’s selfish, but I’m in love.

  41. Simon 7 years ago

    Step 1… $1560 saving per year?

  42. Ruth 7 years ago

    Green! I’d spend it on the new doors we need for our house. We have been refurbishing for the past decade and are nearly finished!

  43. Narelle Bailey 7 years ago

    The blue one would be my choice. I would buy my son a new bike and helmet, some memory cards for my camera and special gifts for my daughter and husband . Would really help to get out and about in the beautiful Melbourne sunshine and enjoy some quality family time.

  44. Jessica Twigg 7 years ago

    Love the green! I’d use it to buy a fancy new iron/steamer so I could reduce my dry cleaning spending!

  45. Sam 7 years ago

    I would choose yellow and I would use the cash to buy my partner some new clothes she has been wanting and some fabric for me to make a new dress or two! If there was any left a night at the coast with my family to chill out before school starts!

  46. ellerobo 7 years ago

    Great post! I would pick yellow #loveyellow and its the colour for abundance – in fact its almost worth switch to Me Bank just for the yellow card!! Did you pick mint?

    I would spend my $500 on artworks and photo prints for the walls of our new home. We move today and tomorrow and it already feels so much like home I would love to put some big prints on the wall to add to the joy in the home.

  47. Rachel 7 years ago

    I’d pick green because it reminds me of my green money growing up in America. I have lots of great ideas for the money, but I really want to buy my tween daughter one of the cool new vintage-look longboard style Razor scooters. She had so much fun test riding it in the store, but I just can’t justify finding a spot for it in the budget… Even if her smile would be worth it at 100 times the price!

  48. Sue Webeck 7 years ago

    Orange for me. It has always been my favorite colour. I’d love to go on an adventure with my family, do something fun and crazy that makes a million memories like wake up one morning, jump in the car, drive to Sydney and take them to see a staging of a musical and for a beautiful dinner all as a surprise. That would be awesome.

  49. Aneta 7 years ago

    Ohh I love the green one, it matches my wallet! Being a PhD student who has just moved out of home for the first time I would do the responsible thing and the money towards my savings for when I’m looking for a job. But I also need to reward myself (and my wonderful partner for putting up with me during my stresses) so maybe I would spend a bit on some wine and a nice dinner!

  50. Shelley McOrist 7 years ago

    Orange for me: it’s the best colour in the world!

    I’d put the money towards my new small business pet sitting and walking dogs – it’d get be one step closer to quitting my day job!

  51. JulesG 7 years ago

    I like the livid (blue-grey) buck. In the spirit of save/spend/give I would save $100 on the buck, spend $200 on a beachside weekend away to read and swim (that bit is free) and give $200 to the asylum resource centre. PS to readers thinking about switching banks – I am an ME customer and a big fan. I’ve moved all my banking and insurance over as they tick all the boxes for me. I watch with glee as the big 4 put their rates up out of line with the RBA.

  52. lisamummymadeit 7 years ago

    I like the green one. I’m a bit pathetic and would probably try and use it to pay bills but I’m sure my husband would prefer we take the kids on a holiday!

  53. Erica 7 years ago

    I like the yellow one ?? I would probably use the money to buy new tools for my business ?

  54. Bec 7 years ago

    Duck egg blue/Tiffany’s green/Smaggle teal for the win! Seeing as I’m in Brazil I’d buy 250 Caipirinhas!

  55. Caitlin 7 years ago

    Love the orange – very retro. I’d probably use it pay bills too!

  56. Katherine O'Brien 7 years ago

    Left this comment on FB, then realised it was probably supposed to go here!

    I like the blue one on the far left because it seems peaceful, and I would love my saving and spending should feel nice and peaceful! And if I won… I think I’d add it to what I’m trying to save up to buy more furniture my new little rental flat by myself. No more sharehousing 😀

  57. AJ 7 years ago

    I’d choose the blue to remind me of the cool blue open I’ll see in Singapore where I’ll spend the $500 treating a friend when we escape Darwin’s muggy wet season for her 40th birthday.

  58. Emily Byrne 7 years ago

    Blue for me. It would remind me of the beach holiday I’d spend the winnings on!

  59. Amanda Fuller 7 years ago

    The jade green is super pretty and would be my pick! I’m about to have surgery and being self-employed taking time off means no money will be coming in, so this $500 would make the recovery period so much less stressful!

  60. KT 7 years ago

    Green! I’d buy some new homewares. I just moved house and I need to decorate.

  61. Lara 7 years ago

    I just love the teal coloured card and i have 4 kids and dont spend money on myself. I would indulge myself haircut some pamering and some clothes

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs-Smaggle 7 years ago

      That’s so lovely of you.. it would be great to have a nice treat once in a while..

  62. Michelle 7 years ago

    I would love a green Buck card to bright up my wallet! (And I am guessing you would also pick green).

    I would love to buy an annual zoo membership for my family, and I would put the rest towards a new heater (we are saving to update our ancient one in a few months).

  63. Sally 7 years ago

    Green – I love green… New saucepans and new platters are high on my list. I have turned into my parents. Chipped platters and odd cookware. Time to update! 13 years of marriage means I seriously need to have a new gift registry. Vow renewal maybe?

  64. Emma 7 years ago


    So their is this amazing taxidermy owl in the window of the fancy vintage store down the road. I will never be able to justify buying under my own steam but oh god!…I’m kinda in love with it.

  65. Katt 7 years ago

    I’d spend the $100 on my son’s MRNI therapy 🙂 and I’d take a green card!

  66. Maddie 7 years ago

    Nice colours! I would choose green (I bet you did too) and I wouldn’t spend it, I’d save it put it towards my house deposit I’m trying to save for. Great tips!

  67. Megan 7 years ago

    I’d choose green so it would be vibrant and bright, and wouldn’t get lost amongst the other bits and bobs in my wallet! Pulling it out would also make think twice about whether I really need to be using my little green card! I would use the money to continue saving for a new car, which I’m trying to do aggressively to reduce the need to take out a loan!

  68. Caitlyn Morgan 7 years ago

    I would go for the red one! Very easy to spot in my black wallet. Hubby and I are going to America on his first overseas trip, I would put part to that, and the rest to his 30th coming up this year!

  69. Rachel 7 years ago

    I’ve just lost over 50 kilos so desperate for new clothes and especially underwear lol I would love the yellow one 🙂

    • Katy 7 years ago

      Congratulations and well done on your hard work. 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs-Smaggle 7 years ago

      Woohoo! That’s awesome..

  70. Suzie 7 years ago

    BLUE would me my choice as its the exact shade of dusty blue that my beautiful bridesmaids will be wearing when I get married in September! Since the card reminds me of them i think it would be only fitting to use the $500 to spoil them pre wedding… I’m thinking dinner out and a bag of goodies to open while we are getting ready- a nice dressing gown, a little bottle of their favorite perfume and some champagne 🙂 they deserve it!

  71. Kacey 7 years ago


    52 (weeks in the year) x $45 (cost of a pub bottle of wine) = $2340

    52 (weeks in the year) x $15 (cost of a bottle shop bottle of wine = $780

    If I stay at home and spend $780 so $2340 (that I would have spent) – $780 = $780?

    Might want to check the figures before posting next time.

    • Katy 7 years ago

      There’s no need to be rude about it.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs-Smaggle 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for pointing that out – all fixed now!

  72. missellie13 7 years ago

    Orange – it’s my husbands favourite colour (mine’s pink but there isn’t a pink one). I’d spend $500 on a weekend away.

  73. Kate D 7 years ago

    Clearly a purple card would be awesome, but as a second choice it would have to be teal! I have just decided with my partner that we will go on our first overseas trip together this September so $500 towards the trip will help make that one step closer!

  74. Polly 7 years ago

    Green for me, I would put the money towards paying off my bank loan, that I had to take out, after getting my car stolen last year

  75. Alice Jacobs 7 years ago

    Totally would go for the green one, it’s just so nice – and easy to see in my wallet!

    I would use the $500 (and the tips you have given us) to save to go overseas for my 30th birthday next year!

  76. Jenfir 7 years ago

    Definitely green!! And I’d put that money to the bridesmaid dress I’ll shortly have to buy when I’m Matron of Honour at my best friends wedding. Those babies don’t come cheap!

  77. Catherine Stow 7 years ago

    The green card is amazing. I would put he money towards a holiday for my partner and I. We’ve been together 5 years and have yet to go on a proper holding together. I’d love to head somewhere like Bali or Thailand with him

  78. Kimberley 7 years ago

    I’d pick the yellow one, as a reminder of the beauitful sunshine I’d be soaking up on my holiday to Greece in June, which I’m madly trying to save for and $500 would definitely help out! Another saving tip: work out your savings goal and the date you want to achieve it by and work back. E.g. Want to save $2000 in 10 weeks? Figure out how many pay cycles you will have in that tome and what expenses you will need to pay, and then determine how much money you can spend a day until then without ruining your savings goal. Then each day you know your daily budget, and if theres a party or night out coming up that you want to spend a bit more for, you just need to save that money from your daily budget instead.

  79. Erin 7 years ago

    Blue for me please but I definitely think you will go green!!! 🙂 I’ll bring my family for a nice meal somewhere fancy with real cloth napkins and proper cutlery not made of plastic

  80. Amanda Cole 7 years ago

    Grey, I know boring, but that’s me. I’d put the $500 towards supplies for uni, a few new clothes and paying off my new camera.

  81. Trish 7 years ago

    Thanks for the savings tips, the little things really do add up!
    I love the mint green, very pretty. We are renovating & in desperate need of towels etc but I would also love to do a styling course at Megan Mortons “The School” to add to my studies & help me towrds an interior styling career!

  82. Lisa 7 years ago

    Green (sees to be a favorite). I would put the money towards a new sports watch, wouldn’t usually slash out of a electronic device for myself.

  83. Angela 7 years ago

    I would choose orange. The money would go towards some new shoes and clothes for me (as opposed to my children whose wardrobes are bursting at the seams!)

  84. Erica 7 years ago

    Hi Carly. I would choose the avocado green. There is something I have always, always, wanted to do with my kids if I had some extra money floating around. It is to treat my kids (all five of them!) to a night in a fancy hotel room, where they could have a gorgeous bubble bath and then put on those lovely thick white bathrobes. They would eventually get into their PJs and we would order pizza and just kick back and watch a movie together on the king size bed, with it’s crisp white sheets.There would be no yelling to get out of the bath or to hurry up and get into PJs. It would be a beautiful memory to create with them and I need to do it soon before my oldest decides he is too cool to hang out with mum!

  85. Rachel 7 years ago

    The lovely green for sure. I’d use the $500 to kickstart my savings again- I’ve just finished university with my savings at the lowest they’ve been since I moved out of home two years ago, time to get serious again! Thanks for the tips.

  86. Lauren moulds 7 years ago

    Yellow for me – to give me optimism for a year of great savings… And then hopefully some kind of shopping spree! Hahaha!
    I think you may have picked green – because it’s easy being green x

  87. Emma 7 years ago

    I’d chose yellow! Sunflowers are my favourite so why not have a pretty card to remind me of them!
    I think you may have chosen blue to match your eyes!
    I would spend my money on a few random acts of kindness as I’ve always wanted to do something like that but never had any spare money! And maybe spoil my gorgeous man too 🙂

  88. Orley makler 7 years ago

    I’d choose the happy yellow one. I’d spend the money on a yoga retreat, it is my absolute dream to do one somewhere in nature, where they make yummy healthy food, and you stretch under trees all day 🙂

  89. Marisa 7 years ago

    I’d choose the yellow card because it’s bright and sunny and yellow always puts me in a good mood! I would definitely spend the $500 on a new laptop because mine died over Christmas and with one child and one on the way it’s hard to save for a new one. Studying two degrees around caring for a rambunctious two year old means I really need every minute of spare study time I can get.

  90. Bernie Simonsen 7 years ago

    Saving on atm fee’s would be the best – I would choose green, and I would use the savings for trips home to NZ where all my family is based ( I’m the only child from 6 that lives away) but going home and seeing my parents, siblings, neices, nephews, friends and godchildren is so relaxing and healing – it’s what I’m planning for 2016 to balance out the work stress

  91. Musing Mumma 7 years ago

    Green for me. Maybe this is a bit boring, but I’d use the money to pay down the mortgage some more. We want to move soon, so every little bit we can save and use to pay down our debt is a win for me.

  92. Jessica 7 years ago

    I’m going to guess you’re cool like me and picked Avocado Green 😉 …

    I have taken the leap to start studying again so I would use it to buy new text books as I’ll be living the student life now! 🙂 If there’s any left I would save it for my upcoming wedding/honeymoon this year 😀


  93. Sam rowbotham 7 years ago

    I would choose the green one and if I won I would put the money towards a trip to New York for my lovely parents as they work so hard and are saving up to go but are struggling.

  94. May 7 years ago

    I would choose the minty green card and buy a Lego space port for the little man, a fancy schmancy planner for myself and a NRL jersey for my hubby.

  95. Kym 7 years ago

    Thanks for the opportunity, Carly! I would choose blue because it’s my Mum’s favourite colour. She passed away last week so I would use the money towards our trip to New York in her honour (It was on her bucket list).

  96. Hai-van bui 7 years ago

    I’d pick green and spend the $500 on pet fish for the hubby, pet chickens for my girls and clothes for me.

  97. Roz 7 years ago

    I would choose the blue one. I am due to give birth next week so the money would be spent on baby things.

  98. Julie 7 years ago

    I love the green, I’d actually spend it on coffee because I’ve already be working on ways to save, and calculated how much money I waste on coffee. So now I take my own everywhere but boy how I miss that sweet feeling of a good coffee to sip on.

  99. Kirrin Brown 7 years ago

    Definitely the green one. Loving that colour right now! I’d put the cash towards a trip to New Zealand in November for my friend’s wedding. $500 would cover the flights, then I’ll use these tips to save and hopefully avoid sleeping in a tent! Or maybe not, tents are pretty great.

  100. Melanie 7 years ago

    oooh I would choose the yellow! I would definitely use it to upgrade my PA system (i’m a singer… follow me on insta!! melaniewason 🙂 ) and marketing so I can do more of what I love!

  101. Beckless 7 years ago

    Green for me. The cash would go in groceries so the grocery money could go onto the credit card. Sad face. I might sneak in a pattern & some material as I’m going to teach myself to see this year.

  102. Belina 7 years ago

    Sadly none of this advice help me save, while it’s good advice I already do it because I couldn’t afford to live other wise. I’ve done my budget with a fine tooth comb just paying bills, medication for my son, clothes and a few cheap birthday and Xmas gifts etc… I have exactly $54 left over for the yr. I make everything, clothes are op shop, I grew some of my food, I go to co-op. I don’t eat out, my one treat for me is tea. if only it was this easy for me to save more.

  103. Ruth Hillman-Booth 7 years ago

    I’d pick the green (which I’m guessing would be your choice too?)

    I’ve just booked and paid for accommodation on the Sunshine Coast, for the first holiday I’ll be taking since my 2008 honeymoon (and I’m now divorced!). I’d love to take my gorgeous 4yo out to Australia Zoo, and SUPing while we’re there, so would use this money to spoil us both a bit.

  104. Sarah 7 years ago

    I love the mint green Buck card! My boyfriend and I have been saving like crazy (every penny) to buy a house, we have made a lot of sacrifices (our choice) so we can save as much as we can. So if I won the Buck card I would love to take my boyfriend out to dinner and a night away somewhere to say thank you and spoil ourselves a little, something we haven’t done in a while!
    Bonus: I think you picked the burnt orange Buck card.

  105. Sharon Fuller 7 years ago

    Teal for me! It would stand out from all the other cards in my wallet.

    I would spend the money on French conversation classes. I learnt in high school but have forgotten nearly everything and would love to have the cash to have some lessons and buy some books / apps to help me learn!

  106. Lozzie MessyRainbows 7 years ago

    They’re all great colors but I’d pick the green buck card, after all green is the colour of money as they say… & what would I do with said cash from ME bank? I’d spend it on ME of course!! ? A weekend away in a relaxing scenic location, lots of good food & wine & a bit of pampering… I soooo need this. Oh & alright, the hubby can come too! 🙂

  107. Chloe Burgess 7 years ago

    Greeeeen card! I’d spend the $500 on my parents, as I’ve recently had to move back in with them and they’re really taking care of me! They’d love (and deserve) a weekend away!

  108. jillian Chaffey 7 years ago

    I would choose the green one and pay the $500 off my me bank mortgage that would save lots of $ in interest off my 30 year mortgage.

  109. Mitch 7 years ago

    Mint/greeny colour as my fiancé has decorated our house with lots of it and through product placement has imbedded itself as my second favourite colour! Would put the money towards our upcoming wedding or the honeymoon I’d say. Smart tips too, will be utilised ?

  110. Lucy 7 years ago

    I would have the blue colour. It’s so calming and funky at the same time. I would buy my lovely mother in law who provides so much support for myself and my partner (we both have disabilities) a new fridge as her old one is on the blink and she loves loves loves to cook for us (she kindly lets us live with her so we can save up money to live independently) it would mean more room for her to put her love (food) which she cooks for all of us (myself and my partner, grandchildren, her congregation at temple, elderly and sick friends,, the list goes on!)

  111. Rina 7 years ago

    The shade of green card I associate with being healthy
    I would donate some of the money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation who support the Mother’s Day Classic fun run for cancer research and the remainder towards a health retreat which is a reward for myself once I finish treatment for breast cancer. #checkyourboobs #positive #healthy

  112. ellie. 7 years ago

    Oh the green for sure! We’re saving for a house right now so don’t really have any spare cash but I’m dying to take a trip home and visit my parents as it’s been almost two years since I’ve seen them. The $500 would go a long way.
    I’m guessing you went for the yellow ?

  113. Sarah 7 years ago

    I would choose the yellow! Love a bright pop of colour! I would spend it on new work clothes – I’m a teacher aide and will be working with a visually impaired child this year. They respond well to bright clothes (to find me easy) so a new (bright) wardrobe update is a must! (I’m not complaining on having to shop!!)

  114. Tara 7 years ago

    Orange for me! Weekend away with my gorgeous Fam xx

  115. Nicole 7 years ago

    Green for me! And I would spend it on some new sports gear for myself! I’m always buying the kids what they need first and this would be my little shopping spree..

  116. heradivine 7 years ago

    Green, with out a doubt. My favourite colour! I’d use the $500 to pay for 2 months of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensors – they are ridiculously expensive, but lifesaving.
    I’m also thinking you’d pick green as well (great taste if you would!)

  117. Fiona 7 years ago

    I love reading these tips and tricks, it’s insane how quickly it can all add up.
    I’d get the green card, it’s so calming and wouldn’t incite any feelings of spontaneous shopping or panic purchases.
    First thing I’d do is put money into reducing my credit card so I’m not paying interest and late fees! Those suckers add up!
    And then I’d use the rest for a mini-holiday road trip with mates.

  118. Absolutely Green – that’s easy though, it’s my favourite colour. And I’d spend it on a girls weekend – that’s totally vapid and self indulgent but my longest friend lives in Sydney and we don’t get to see each other very often. So girls weekend it is! x

  119. Caitlin 7 years ago

    Mint green for me please.
    I’d take my son and mum to Phillip Island for the weekend. My son would see penguin’s for the first time and my mum deserves a holiday as she has let us move in with her and I would like to thank her for her generosity.
    The remainder I would put into my savings which will go towards buying me a house. Every bit counts.

  120. Amy Dionisio 7 years ago

    Hi Carly, love the pineapple yellow buck card, so easy to find from inside my wallet. And i think you chose the avocado green!
    Just like what I’ve taken away from your article, I would save half of it. And I’ll pretend i just won $250 and split it to my 2 kids’ bday parties this year. My girl is turning 6 and my boy is turning 1.

  121. Lucu 7 years ago

    I would choose the gorgeous green. Saving madly right now as we are taking the kids to Disneyland this year and man that place is expensive! I would also explore the women’s micro loans mentioned above and use $100 there as I have been meaning to do this for ages.

  122. Kell 7 years ago

    Orange…it’s so bright & happy!!
    I’ve never had a Valentine’s Day before (I don’t buy into the consumerism of it all, but I’m in my late 30’s, c’mon…a girls gotta get spoilt at least once, right?!). The very sweet guy I’ve started dating wants to take me away interstate for the weekend.
    It’s his birthday coming up soon too, so I’d love to buy him a wonderful gift.

  123. Jeanna 7 years ago

    I would pick the yellow! I think the orange is pretty funky too! I would spend the $500 buying a cool present for my folks 25th anniversary!

  124. Jenny Buse 7 years ago

    Yellow. I’d find it easily in my wallet! I’d spend the money buying a non-frumpy mother of the bride outfit for my daughter’a wedding later this year.

  125. Allira 7 years ago

    The yellow for sure, just to remind me of the colour scheme for our Nursery that I would be using buck kit out.

  126. Julia 7 years ago

    I’m smitten with the the green buck card! I’d spend the $500 on spoiling my beloved, who cooks for me every night, chases away all my worries and brings laughter and happiness into my life. Maybe I’ll whisk him away on a little weekender, tick off some of the itmes on his wishlist, or sign him up to a workshop or event he’s always wanted to do!

  127. carlyjadedevine 7 years ago

    The Avocado Green buck card is my choice! I would spend $500 on starting my new online business, selling gorgeous gifts and homewares from local Australian designers and makers, each hand-picked by me! X


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