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How To Realistically Build an Ethical Wardrobe with Clare Press

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I’ve been trying (really trying) to build an ethical wardrobe for years now and I’ve dabbled in a variety of ways. Only buying clothing that has a Good rating on the Good on You app, buying second hand clothing, mending my existing clothing and avoiding chain stores.

There are a few things that are challenging for me when it comes to buying ethical clothing. As a size 14 to 16, it’s slim pickings in op shops. I don’t understand it but there will meters and meters of size 8 to 10 clothing on the racks and maybe 10 very average pieces in the 14 plus section. I also struggle with the cost and style of a lot ethical fashion clothing brands. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I’m not totally in love with.

I find it really hard to be totally perfect. I bought a gingham linen jumpsuit at Kmart last year for $25 and I absolutely love it. I wear it at least once a week but I’ve been feeling really guilty about buying it because Kmart aren’t transparent enough with their supply chain.

So I decided to get an expert on the show this week – like a proper, proper expert. This week’s guest is Clare Press and she’s an ethical clothing mastermind. She has 2 podcasts – Wardrobe Crises and Ethical Fashion that’s produced in conjunction with the UN. I honestly can’t tell you how excellent both of these podcasts are, mainly because Clare is such a wonderful host. She’s like the Louis Theroux of ethical fashion.

She was also one of the first people I interviewed for Poductivity and was incredibly generous with her knowledge of podcasting and interviewing.

Here’s my chat with Clare Press about realistically building an ethical wardrobe. Just a pre-warning – when I talk to people with British accents I tend to posh up a little so my apologies if I slip into a fancy accent in places. Clare’s voice is so melodic I think subconsciously I was trying to imitate it.

In this episode I chat about…

•Ethical fashion and what it really means

•The deeper reasons why it’s important to make ethical choices

•How and why Clare become an ethical fashion aficionado

•How ethical ‘fashion’ doesn’t mean fashion it just means clothes and textiles

•Even if you don’t feel like a fashiony person, if you wear clothes you’re a part of this issue

•What we should do with clothing we’re no longer using

•There is no ‘away’ – when you’re finished with your clothing it has to go somewhere

If you’re a little bit ethical fashion curious, this episode is a great place to start.

Links mentioned in this episode

Clare Press
Wardrobe Crisis
Ethical Fashion Podcast
Visible Mending

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