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How to pack a carry on bag for a long flight…

How to pack a carry on bag for a long flight…
Carly Jacobs

Why don’t you…

* Slip into some delicious silk lounging pyjamas? Slather your hands and feet in thick moisturising cream and pop on some cotton socks and gloves?

* Travel with a luscious cashmere pashmina to wrap yourself in when you get cold? In canary yellow? Wear matching ballet flats?

* Put some vanilla and rose oil in your bag and dab it on your wrists and neck every few hours? Saunter around the plane smelling like cookies and Turkish delight?

* Pack cleanser, toner and face cream in a velvet drawstring bag? Give your self a mini facial in the bathroom?

* Paint your nails bright red the night before and clasp a steaming cup of green tea through out the flight? Wrap your hair in a patterned scarf, turban style?

* Take some cream parchment-esque paper and a sepia fountain pen? Write letters to your lovers? Pack envelopes and decorate them with pretty seals? Sprinkle rose petals on the inside? Have them ready to post when you arrive at the airport?

* Wear massive sunglasses and a fur coat? Pretend that you’re an obscure, fabulous actress jet setting around the globe? Spend the flight reading from film scripts and signing head shots of yourself?

* Wear brilliant gems and pearls instead of clunky metal that will aggravate the detectors? A knotted string of fresh water pearls? A turquoise ring made of jet and tourmaline beads?

Love Lady Smaggle






  1. Jocelyne 14 years ago

    you make traveling sound fun, like in the olden days. Great Ideas you got there!! 😉

  2. Nadist 14 years ago

    I love V-Becks. She rocks so hard. And also the signing-headshots idea – heehee!

  3. Miss A 14 years ago

    Oh they are perfect suggestions!! I suspect smelling of cookies and Turkish delight would of saved me from the horrible security man going through my bag last time. I had the last laugh though – all i had in my bag was six pairs of shoes and a US Vogue!!

  4. uberoriginal 14 years ago

    Aww I love it… travelling in style…

  5. WendyB 14 years ago

    I’m too lazy for any of this. And I also advise anyone not to wear great rings while they’re carrying heavy luggage. Or if you do want to wear them, don’t come crying to me after you break something with your suitcase!

  6. Marianne 14 years ago

    Hoo-raaaaaaaaay it’s Friday and time for DV Suggestions. I doubt I’ll be on a plane any time soon but I want to writ beautiful letters, with decorated bits, anyway. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Scribbles 14 years ago

    Will definitely be doing some of these in my trip to Oz next year (although I’ll leave you to guess which ones)… who needs a long haul flight to try them out 😀

  8. Vixel 14 years ago

    I love this, some great, practical ideas and some fabulously frivolous ones too! I must admit, I’ve done the dressing up and imagining I’m a movie star thing before, it was great fun!

  9. Grant 14 years ago

    Oh Lady Smaggle, I’m simply the worst traveller ever. I have no luck packing for even the shortest of journies, I’m never organised, I forget things (like my sodding wallet).

    I do wear large glasses, act like an obscure D-List celeb and set of the metal detectors with belts, cuffs or necklaces: but these just get me flustered and searched. OFTEN.

    My secret travel indulgence is wearing trackpants, large sunglasses and carrying an enormous bag and cup of coffee, looking like a Paris Hilton afficianado and acting terribly confused. It sees me through most of my mishaps.


  10. Heather 14 years ago

    FABULOUS list! I love it. My favorite part is “write letters to your lovers” implying that I have several scattered around the globe. Maybe that’s what travel should really be about! 🙂

  11. E 14 years ago

    That’s it – I’m now refusing to travel unless by Orient Express, ocean liner or yacht; with a stream of travel trunks and a retinue.
    In my head.

  12. Natalie 14 years ago

    Hmm. I might just go and do these things anyway, even though there’s not an aeroplane in sight!!

    Your ‘Why don’t You’ articles are COMPLETELY fabulous – keep ’em coming, love!

  13. tidy grooves 14 years ago

    perfect timing for my flight home for Xmas…. Lady put some champagne in the fridge xx

  14. x Miss Corrine x 14 years ago

    Love the tips, Lady Smaggle 🙂

  15. Andrea 14 years ago

    Yay, great ideas! I love being glamorous on long-haul flights. Next time I fly, I plan to use my new 1950s beauty case as carry-on. Whee!

  16. ambika 14 years ago

    This is a fantastic list. I’m going to have to reference it for the next time I fly!

  17. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Jocelyne – thanks love!

    Nadist – Totally! I really want to start a collection of these.

    Miss A – I get caught EVERY time on airlines.

    uberoriginal – Me too. Makes the journey much more pleasant.

    WendyB – Spoken like a true jewellery designer!

    Marianne – Aw! I love that you love DV!

    Scribbles – You’re coming to Oz? How terribly exciting! Make sure you stop by Melbourne… I may or may not be living there soon!

    Vixel – Please! It’s the story of my life! I can’t wait until I own my own business and I can wear kimonos all day.

    Grant – I’m pretty terrible too! I always have way too much stuff crammed into my handbag so I don’t go over the luggage limit.

    Heather – Darling it’s the only way to go! A man on every continent!

    E – Or the Darjeeling Limited. With that gorgeous vintage LV. Oh my!

    Natalie – Thank you my love! I enjoy writing them!

    Tidygrooves – Oh hell yes! Fliss included… It’s chilling for you baby!

    Miss Corrine – Blush!

    Andrea – I have one of those too!

    Ambika – I’ll try to remember to reference it too.

  18. sarah von 14 years ago

    Lovely! These are a slight step up from my usual approach. My usual approach being: sleeping pills.


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