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How To Get Dressed When You’re Feeling A Bit Cranky

How To Get Dressed When You’re Feeling A Bit Cranky
Carly Jacobs

The other day I woke up and I was just cranky for no real reason. I tripped over my shoes on the way to the bathroom, and when I got to the bathroom, there wasn’t any toilet paper. Using a very expensive facial cleansing wipe instead, I grumbled to myself about how tired I felt.

When I got back from the gym and had my shower, the thought of having to get dressed pissed me off.

‘Like, why do have to choose clothes AGAIN? When will this never-ending cycle of clothing decisions cease?’

To be fair, I honestly don’t get cranky very often, but when I do, I do it very well.



Jeans from Jeans West

Top from Cos

Shoes from Funkis

Here are a few tips on getting dressed when you really just want to punch a wall instead.

1. Remove any potential for further cranky-ness

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, uncomfortable underwear or clothes that you need to pull at all day to get them to sit right. If I’m in a grumpy mood, I often wear my hair up too. My hair is extremely unpredictable and if it decides to have a lanky, flat day, I will be so angry, so I just pre-empt that anger with tying it right back from the get-go. Maybe skip complicated make-up too. Uneven eye-liner rage will not be your friend today.

2. Wear something you feel terrific in

I work from home, so people rarely see me, but if I’m having a flat day, I wear an outfit love that I feel brilliant in, and I wear proper shoes around the house. It just makes me feel like I’m ‘at work’ and keeps me focused on days when I could very easily just curl up on the couch. I like wearing these shoes at home because they make a fabulous clacky sound on our polished concrete floors. Makes me feel like a bad-ass businesswoman. ‘GET ME THIS MONTH’S REPORTS!’ *clack-clack*. ‘I SAID SKIM MILK LATTE!’ *clack-clack*. YOU’RE FIRED!’ *clack-clack*. 

3. Wear something you can find

Sometimes when I’m PMS-ing I decide I want to wear a particular dress and then I’ll crash around the house like a total unco trying to find it. This is not helpful as it makes me even more grumpy AND it doesn’t help much to look for things when you’re almost blind with rage. Just wear a thing that you can see hanging in your cupboard. The best thing you can see hanging in your cupboard. Do it quickly and get out the door.

4. Wear something that’s clean

If it’s in the dirty washing basket, leave it there. If it wasn’t visibly dirty when you put it in there, it’s now smelly and wrinkled from hanging out with all your other gross clothes. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. You’ll smell like old teatowels and sweat all day.

5. Wear something that fits

If you’re already cranky, don’t be squeezing yourself into jeans that only seem to fit you for a few days each year, usually after you’ve had a bout of gastro. Pick something you know zips up easily, even if you’ve put on a few kilos.

This outfit was worn for a big day of filming videos for Crochet Coach. I’m working on a massive stitch library, which is going to be the greatest resource for my Crochettes. I can’t wait to launch it but in the meantime, there’s lots of filming, writing stitch descriptions and mapping out crochet diagrams for them. Wish me luck!

I’m also in a spot of bother at the moment over my nail polish. I know that sounds so Sweet Valley High of me (speaking of which, we’re back in case you didn’t notice. iTunes are rubbish at updating shows so here’s your friendly reminder). I wear the nail polish all the time (the turquoise Smaggle coloured one in all my photos) and my regular supplier of this shade as stopped selling it. So I ordered some on eBay and it’s taking AGES to get here and my current bottle is really on its last legs. Send all your good thoughts to get my nail polish here this week otherwise all my new videos will have lumpy bumpy polish on my nails and that will make me sad. I can’t pour anymore nail polish remover in it either… it’s really starting to not like that.

What’s your favourite for when you’re cranky and you just couldn’t be bothered?

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  1. Linda Tonkin 6 years ago

    Well if anything is going to induce a cranky day it’s a favourite lipstick/nail polish/perfume being discontinued! Always so frustrating. Laura Mercier discontinued my favourite “my lips but better” colour 2 years ago and I’m yet to find a replacement I’m as happy with. The struggle is real.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      So annoying. I have a non-long stay version but having to re-do it every few days is driving me spare. I need it to last a full week at least.

  2. Holly 6 years ago

    I have been using the same Maybelline eyeliner pencil since I was 13 and that is many decades ago, so of course last year it was discontinued. So sad! I have literally a 1cm long stub I am keeping because I am tragic like that. My daughter decided to track it down online and ordered it….it turns up, looks almost identical…but it is now a ‘wind up’ type. I didn’t tell her it wasn’t the same!

  3. Michaela 6 years ago

    Oh this post was incredibly timely – I was just so cranky this morning. I still am unfortunately. Luckily, it’s a Friday which means I can wear jeans to work and just be really casual about it. When in doubt, I just throw a blazer over whatever else I managed to don. 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Oh man I’m reading this on a Monday and I had a rubbish night sleep. Wish it was a Friday! 🙂

  4. Lizzie Fourman 6 years ago

    This is the best post on the subject I’ve come across. I’m all about baggy clothes since I feel more comfortable in them. I don’t think twice about pulling on a pair of sweat pants and a loose-fitting tee-shirt, especially if I’m not feeling good. That’s really one of the only times I’m cranky these days. I have one of those perennial nice-person type of personalities but when I am cranky, I apparently overdo it. That’s what my dad used to say, anyway.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Thanks for that feedback thats great to hear! I’m the same – I had a drama teacher tell me I’m the ‘mother-ship of emotions’ so if I’m happy, everyone is happy and if I’m sad, everyone is sad. Thankfully I’m happy most of the time!

  5. Steph 6 years ago

    I love this article! So true! My problem is I want comfy clothes when I feel crappy but I want to look really good and comfy but flattering clothes are the often illusive holy grail! I try to wear something slightly edgy/ sexy so I feel less frumpy mum (even just a bit of cleavage, a criss cross lace-up top or a choker necklace) and go a fuller-face of makeup. If I’m cranky and i see myself looking frumpy or ordinary my self esteem can really go into a temporary spiral which needless to say does NOT help my mood. Lol

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Yes! Me too, I hate how much my appearance can affect my mood but it is was it is. Better to just embrace it I say!

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