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Goal Setting for Totally Ordinary People

Goal Setting for Totally Ordinary People
Carly Jacobs
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First up, I hope no one found the title of this post offensive. It wasn’t supposed to sound like like I am saying you’re not special or that ordinary people need extra special help with goal setting.

99.9% of the world’s population are ordinary. It’s not an insult, it’s just a fact. I’m ordinary – I have a job that pays my bills, I wipe my kids bum several times a day and I have to save up to buy things. I drive myself places in my very ordinary car. I spend most evenings with my ordinary partner with our ordinary kid. I personally think they’re the most brilliant people on the planet and I’m singularly the luckiest woman in existence but in the world wide sense, our little family is ordinary. The Kardashians aren’t ordinary. Oprah isn’t ordinary. Mariah Carey who famously doesn’t carry cash isn’t ordinary. Most of the rest of us are. And I don’t mean that because we aren’t famous or rich none of us are amazing or that we don’t matter. There are sparkly gem humans everywhere.

I’m just differentiating us regular folk from the folk that have the microphones and the money and the resources to do whatever the hell they want – all of those things make goal setting a very different exercise. It’s not realistic to look at them for advice. They can’t help us. We need look at goal setting from where we are, not where they are.

Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are insidious and they’re directly linked to goal setting failure. We reach for the stars – 30 kilo weight loss, a property portfolio with 10 plus properties, 50 thousand dollars in our savings account, being married with 2.5 kids by the time we’re 30, climbing Mount Everest, competing in the olympics. For us ordinary people it seems like anything less than that is kind of pointless.

Trust me mate, it’s not.

We need to take the glamour, pressure and unrealistic expectations away from goal setting and be a bit more chill about it.

goal setting

In this episode I chat about…

• My 3 step process for goal setting – Why, How and What The Fudge
• Figuring out your why
•  Asking who you want to be
• Making small changes every day for 21 days
• How Natalie Portman is bit underwhelmed by winning an Oscar
• Turning your intentions into actions
• Planning to succeed
• The 6 week review and why you need it
• What the Fudge – staying on track and trouble shooting
• How to choose goals that you’re in charge of

So if you’ve been wanting to set some goals but they feel shiny or fancy enough, this episode is for you. 

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