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How To Get More Energy When You’re F*cking Exhausted

How To Get More Energy When You’re F*cking Exhausted
Carly Jacobs
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Quick question – Does anyone out there feel well rested? Or could you always get more energy?

I don’t think I’ve ever asked a friend how they are to hear the reply ‘Oh great! Super well rested. Managing all my commitments really well. In fact I was bored over the weekend! LOL.’

Which is fortunate because I’d slap the fool said that to me. Who the hell has enough time to be bored?  Also if you’re bored keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear it. In the same way no one wants to hear about your child that sleeps through the night or how you ‘accidentally’ lost weight on that all you can eat cruise. Get out of our faces with the not so humble brags.

Being tired is just a part of being an adult, I’ve decided. There’s kind of no point in going ‘I’m tired’ because it just seems to be our permanent state of being these days.

Here’s how I get (or fake) more energy, not just when I’m exhausted, but all the time because we really all are very exhausted all the time. Let’s stop fighting it and embrace it.

get more energy

1. Protect sleep

I don’t always get as much as I’d like because I love my evenings when my kid goes to sleep and my partner and I can do our own thing but we’d frequently stay up till 1am before we had her and I’m rarely awake past 10.30pm these days. Sleep is pretty much the only thing I care about right now. I’m like a Beatles fan in the 60s for it and will cut any Yoko that tries to destroy it.

2. Exercise and eat well

Massive yawn fest right? Pizza and beer are so much more fun but we all know the main ingredient in processed foods and alcohol are under eye bags and desk micro sleeps. Drink water, eat green things, go easy on the sugar and stick to weekends if you fancy a cheeky beverage. Cool? Cool.

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3. Say no

My poor friends are copping the brunt of this at the moment but we’ve all kind of collectively decided to tap out of meaningful conversations/quality time until our kids are at least 10 years old. I say no to pretty much everything these days because my energy levels are so precariously balanced it would only take one late night and one glass of wine too many to knock me sideways for a week. Not worth it. My nun-like existence of 9pm bedtimes is pretty much the only thing holding me together right now.

get more energy

4. Practice gratitude

Gratitude never really worked for me in the past but since having kids, it’s a big cornerstone of getting through each day. It really doesn’t matter what happened through out the day, how tired I am, how difficult a day it might have been, if she’s happy and healthy and safe at the end of each day that’s really all I can ask for. Anything is else is sprinkles on ice cream.

5. Invite a toddler to live at your house – they can smell weakness

I used to be a teacher so I know how transferrable energy is and kids can smell your low energy a mile away. If I wake up and slap on a positive attitude my kid is far more likely to have a good day. You know what sucks? Carrying your enormous lead-bottomed child to the car, strapping her in, lugging her bag with you while trying to remember all the stuff you need to post/grab at the shops. It’s also sucks having a 30 minute window in which to get it all done before you have go back to work. The thing is though, is that none of that is her fault and grumbling and huffing and puffing while I’m putting her in her car seat isn’t going to make her feel great about what’s happening. I have to do all that stuff anyway so I might as well slap a smile on my face, sing her a song, have a giggle and make it as pleasant an experience as I can. Seriously though – I cannot believe I have to deal with car seats until she’s 8 years old. That’s a lot of fake enthusiasm to muster. Sigh.

6. Point out the positives 

If you’re having a really shit day (like I was yesterday) where everything feels awful take a few moments to point out the positives. Like if you have a client that’s normally wonderful and they have a bad day and are a bit mean to you, just remember the way they usually are and let it go. They’ll be fine the next time you chat to them.

7. Watch your posture

If you’re sitting all slunky like a grumpy little sloth you’re PROBABLY going to feel a bit shit. Sit up straight, drop your shoulders and carry yourself with the confidence of a tub of organic raspberries who have the audacity to cost $9. You know what I’m talking about.

get more energy

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How do you get more energy when you’re feeling a bit slumpy? Do tell!

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  1. Carole 5 years ago

    Very good article. You’re still pretty new at this. It does get easier.

    Don’t close yourself off from your friends too much. Find things you can do before your bedtime. Even once a month.

    I love your take on being positive and practicing gratitude. When you do all things with love, it makes it all easier to bear.

  2. Missy D 5 years ago

    Was a nice surprise to see the podcast show up in my Filters last week. I thought you were done for the year! 🙂

  3. Lizzie Moult 4 years ago

    Feeling the grunt of christmas more than ever this year with two kids under 5. The work life balance has been pretty much taken over with chill the F out. I loved tip 4 – this is me more than ever, who wants to play with my kids.

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