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February 1st is The Real New Year and I’m Willing to Die on this Hill

new year 2021

How do you feel about New Year resolutions?

Personally, I love them but I like to save them for February. I know that sounds bananas but hear me out.

January, as a month, sucks balls. Everyone is tired, hungover, not at home, surrounded by people they’re not usually surrounded by and everything is a mess. The gym isn’t open and neither is your favourite cafe. There’s no routine. It’s a weird, floaty, chaotic month.

Of course you might be on holidays in which case January is awesome but there’s not really much getting done.

Which is totally fine. I just question why there’s the obsession with the first of January as the magic day when we get our shit together and it’s probably the worst time ever to make any lasting changes.

So I declare 1st February the Real New Year. You in?

In this episode I chat about…

If you’re keen to ‘start’ 2021 off on the right foot, this episode is for you.

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