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Fashion Rant Friday.

Fashion Rant Friday.
Carly Jacobs

I wrote this the last time I wore my long green skirt. This skirt is what I call the ‘No Social Etiquette Skirt’. This means that when I wear this skirt people openly stare at me, talk about me as I walk by and give postive, negative and down right rude feedback on the skirt as well as other pieces I have worn in the past.

It’s an interesting thing when one works in an office building and dresses a little differently than the other employees. It’s also odd what sort of a reputation you make for yourself, sometimes an entirely incorrect one. For instance today I am wearing a really long green checked skirt with ruffles. It’s very Chloe Sevigny in Big Love, minus the braid. The comment I received from a lovely lady I work with was that she was delighted to see me out of mini skirts and ‘god knows what’ looking so elegant and ladylike. Excellent. Somehow by owning two skirts that end above my knees (by no means ‘mini’ in any way and exclusively worn with opaque tights) I have developed a reputation as the office whore. And just quietly the skirt I am wearing is not at all ladylike. It’s really strange and I look like I am going to country barn-yard dance but I love the damn thing so I am wearing it anyway. And while on the subject of the maxi-skirt I am sick every middle aged woman screaming ‘Oh my god! I had a dress JUST LIKE THAT in the 70’s’ in my face every time I wear something vintage. Yes of course you had one just like it in the 70’s and it was fabulous and now I am wearing it so please stop freaking out you stupid cow. It’s really not that interesting that I am wearing something similar to something you wore 30 years ago. I also drive a car and you did too so are you going to shit in your pants about that? On a more popular fashion note I saw a guy with killer side-burns wearing a leather jacket at ANU yesterday. He was so cool I wanted him to start clicking his fingers and singing shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop yeah! But alas there is a severe lack of American high school wheelie bleachers at ANU.


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