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Empties: All The Products I’ve Bought and Actually Finished

Empties: All The Products I’ve Bought and Actually Finished
Carly Jacobs

Oh she has FABULOUS hair!’ I muttered to myself as I clicked on the YouTube video to buy this amazing looking curl activator hair product. I was convinced it was going to give me the voluminous mane I desired.

The product arrived almost a full month later (living in Australia really sucks sometimes) and I eagerly washed my hair, ready to style it with what I was sure was the miracle hair product I’d been searching for my whole life.

I blow dried my hair, flipped it upright and nearly cried. My hair looked awful. It was soft, fluffy and not even close to curly. The product cost $50 including shipping and I was definitely never going to use it again.

It wasn’t just the waste of money that annoyed me it was also the waste of the product. Normally I research everything very thoroughly before I buy it, but show me a teenage YouTuber with Diana Ross hair and I’m like ‘Shut up and take my money because THERE AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH TO KEEP ME FROM YOOOOOUUUUUU!’. 

Thankfully this was a cult curly hair product and I sent it to a lady in NSW who was happy to pay for the postage. I just wanted it to not go to waste so I was more than happy to pass it on to anyone who threw me a few dollars for the shipping.

Another weird side effect of this product sucking is that I needed to replace it. So I went back to YouTube and fell down a weird rabbit hole of ’empties’ videos or ‘touching pan’ videos where beauty vloggers show all the products they emptied that month.

I thought it was such a damn good idea. I try my hardest to use everything I buy but my hair is a bit precious and sometimes my skin just randomly decides it’s allergic to something I’ve been using without issue for years so I have to stop using it. For these reasons, it’s not that often that I finished an entire bottle or package of a particular product before it expires. Which makes it a rare and quite wonderful occurrence when I DO manage to empty a product.

My empties were plentiful this month and I thought it would be helpful for some of my followers to do a post of all the products I totally used up. I’ve been researching everything very thoroughly before I buy it – reading online reviews, watching beauty vlogger tutorials – and I’m quite thrilled to say this seems to be working. A lot less waste of product and money in the Smaggle house is always a good thing!

Here are my April empties…


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Facial Scrub 

Out of nowhere, for the first time in my life, my skin is starting to get a bit dry. I bought this shortly before my brother’s wedding last year because the skin on my face was starting to shed a little. I scrubbed every second day leading up to the wedding and my face was smooth as a peach on the day. Mr Smaggle actually stole this and finished it off but still, it’s a good inexpensive product I’ll be buying again.


Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 

I’ve always been a fan of Laura Mercier foundations and this was no exception. I won’t be replacing this though but that’s only because foundation has a bit too much coverage for me. I’m more of a tinted moisturiser or BB cream kind of gal. That’s a massive compliment for this foundation though, as I rarely make it through a full bottle of foundation without it expiring. I used this for special occasions where I needed long-lasting coverage and for filming and it was ace for both.


Garnier Fructis Manga Head Putty 

This stuff is my world right now. I loosely follow the Curly Girl hair method, where you only use water-soluble products on your hair. My hair LOVES waxes and powders that give your hair grit and body but I couldn’t find a CG approved version of any of these. A woman in a curly girl group on Facebook mentioned the orange lid Garnier putty as a randomly CG approved product and I haven’t looked back. It’s so good, it gives matte definition without the crunch of gel or mousse. It’s also readily available and cheap! I just bought my second tub of it. Love it. Although a lot of hard core CG-ers claim this isn’t a CG product, they can’t seem to tell me why and it contains none of the non-approved CG ingredients and washes out of my hair easily so I’m going to keep using it.


L’oreal Color Riche Matte lipstick in 144 

This is actually my second tube of this lipstick, I love it so much. Even though this one is finished, I won’t be replacing it as I’m trialling a new one but this one is so good. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a full tube of lipstick so doing it twice for the same product and colour is almost unheard of.


Trilogy Gentle Face Exfoliant 

I read in Zoe Foster-Blake’s book about chemical exfoliants (not abrasive ones) and I wanted to give it a try so I grabbed some of this from Chemist Warehouse and it’s AWESOME. I just bought it again on the weekend.


Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 

I needed a new cleanser so I grabbed this because it was small and I wanted to try it out. It’s okay… I didn’t love it and I won’t be buying it again but I love that they sell small versions of their products because now I’m not stuck with a giant tube of a product I don’t love. For the record, Sukin stuff is great, it’s just this cleanser I didn’t love.


A’Kin Leave-in Conditioner 

This is another CG approved product and it’s a cheaper version of the Aveda Be Curly product. I LOVE Aveda Be Curly but it’s $45 per bottle and I use a whole bottle per month on my hair so I’ve been searching for a CG friendly and cheaper alternative. This is $17 per bottle (much better) and it’s a similar formula with wheat protein that gives my hair the best volume. I only use these two hair products now (this and the Manga head) and I’m thrilled. I also use Moogoo Shampoo and Conditioner for cleansing. Note: I think this stuff is called A’kin in Australia and Alchemy in other places.

So there you have it – a list of all the products I’ve totally finished in the last month.

What about you? What empties have you built up this month?

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  1. Missy D 5 years ago

    Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂

    I’ve well and truely stopped having any extra products and am only using my bare minimums now. Dermalogica facial products, L’oreal Infallible foundation and powder, L’oreal lipsticks – generic mascara, eyeliners.

    I’m keen to try Arbonne or Bobby Brown’s make-up ranges once I’m finished my current make-up though. Just to switch it up a bit. 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      How good is it? I love having a practically empty bathroom cupboard. I also have a small travel bag where I keep all my daily essentials so I can just grab it on the way out.

  2. Hailz 5 years ago

    My go-to skincare is always an ’empty’ (I so didn’t know that ’empties’ was a thing!) And tinted moisturiser, but I’m not super loyal, rimmel is my preferred at the moment.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh true! I love Go To Skincare my issue is that it runs out super quickly and I never remember to order more in time so I end up grabbing something at the supermarket or chemist.

  3. KezUnprepared 5 years ago

    I love the satisfaction of ’emptying’ a product! I am shit at remembering names of things without looking at them, but I have a Maybelline primer I love and have bought several times, I use a Revlon foundation that I have replaced many times (in all honesty it’s only fear of trying something new that has caused this haha), I found hair sprays that don’t leave a weird residue on my at times porous dark hair and don’t make my hair overly crunchy. I have used an Aldi anti ageing moisturiser on my face when I’ve needed it too – takes me a while to get through it but I got a thrill when I emptied my first one. One thing I’ll never be good at finishing is eye shadow (I get distracted by the next shiny palette) or mascara which I do not wear enough, quite honestly.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I’ve got a Rimmel primer I’m loving too! It’s super cheap and works brilliantly. I’ve heard some good things about Aldi cosmetics actually! Should give them a try.

  4. Michaela 5 years ago

    Slightly off topic but I’m interested on the CG method you use. Do you blow dry your hair? I’ve got curly hair and always use high quality products but they all have the CG nasties like silicone. My hair is really healthy and I’m wondering if it’s worth going CG if I don’t blow dry. Would you recommend manga head for fine hair? I’m always on the look out for alternatives for those random times my hair decides it hates the world.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I do blow dry my hair because if I didn’t it would never be dry. I’ve tried air drying my hair and in winter it can three days. I’m not even kidding. CG actually encourages not blow drying so you’ll be fine. I have fine hair – it doesn’t look like it because I have a lot of it but the strands itself are fine and it works great for me. It’s not CG though – I found out it has alcohol in it but I’m still using it anyway because it’s awesome.

  5. Linda 5 years ago

    Totally agree with mini versions of new products to try. I just bought a whole lot of small products from Glow Lab at Priceline. Fantastic way to try I can now purchase the bigger sizes knowing it will agree with my skin. Also it came in a cute calico bag perfect for travel.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh perfect! I’m off to Priceline this arvo actually, I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  6. Kat 5 years ago

    I love Natio Moisturiser! On to my third bottle. Smells amazing and affordable.

  7. Jen 5 years ago

    I’m with you, an empty bottle is definitely a good sign! I think I will definitely check out that conditioner on your list.
    Empty bottles for me this month is the QV night cream, love this stuff. Paw Paw ointment for my lips – Tubes don’t often get emptied though as they seem to go on walk about, one in the car, handbag, treadmill and in kids school bags..
    Also, finishing up my facial scrub Nivea sensitive scrub (wasn’t great, but I didn’t have any bad reactions to it). Not a huge cleaner/scrub person as I normally use the Enjoy microfibre face mitt which cleans my face so well.
    And lastly, my BodyShop Eyebrow palette is almost finished, which I will definetly be topping up

  8. Carolyn Heywood 5 years ago

    Thanks for the recommendations… I have purchased the leave in conditioner this weekend to replace the Davines Vegetarian Miracle which is great but exxy.


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