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“Don’t stop the music or I’ll tell my father!”

“Don’t stop the music or I’ll tell my father!”
Carly Jacobs

 Diana Vreeland – she is magnificent. I recently purchased a turban on Ebay that I plan to wear to my bizarre fashion party on Saturday. My fellow fashion addicts would swear that said turban was purchased in emulation of the Prada 07 collection but let me assure you this is not so. My turban was purchased after reading every single Diana Vreeland book I could lay my hands on (Amazon – I am still really angry at you) and staring in utter amazement at how commandingly elegant Diana is. And look at all her bangles! And her long long nails! I never thought anyone could make smoking look so cool (it’s not cool though so don’t do it). She is ever poignant stating that without emotion, there is no beauty and living her life surrounded by splendour despite not being able to afford it. She died in 1989 from ambiguous health complications. The title of this post were her last words.


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