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Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

I am so lame I have posted 2 daily style photos the day after I wore them! I promise you will get today’s outfit today though. This one was from yesterday. I had a lovely lazy day morning and then did about million loads of washing. Then I took my mum on a date. We went to see a play by Noel Coward and then went out for Japanese food. Twas quite a delightful day.

* Grey knit dress thrifted from Salvo’s

* Black opaques Myer

* Black shrug undone (I seem to be obsessed with this lately)

* Fave brown boots

* KJL bangle

* Elements necklace by Riley-Burnett gift from Mr Smaggle

* Black faux leather bag from Dangerfield


  1. Gem 17 years ago

    oh man, i LOVE those boots!

  2. Lady Smaggle 17 years ago

    Thanks Gem! Best boots ever cost me a fortune but I wear them everywhere.

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