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Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

I worked all day yesterday and then Mr Smaggle and I went into the city and got take away Bim Bim Bab and delicious lemon and lime sorbet. We then spent the evening on the couch watching Reqiuem for a Dream which was sad but awesome. I fell asleep so I didn’t get a chance to post this one yesterday.

* Black smock dress from Cowboys and Angels (you might like to know that EVERY time I type Cowboys and Angels and I accidentally type Coyboys and Angels first and have to delete it. Mental.)

* Straight leg jeans from Jag

* Black velvet flats bought for a play and I kind of forgot to give them back but it’s possible I paid for them anyway

* Black lace shrug undone from SES

* Blue glittery scarf from Sprotsgirl

* Knitting needle bangle from gallery in Sydney


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