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Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today I cleaned out my car and my bedroom for the first day of October. Then I went to see a movie called The Jammed which was great. I highly recommend it because it’s really engaging and I think it’s important to support the Australian film industry. I also got my first comment on my site today about my post on Zara in Australia! Except I think I accidentally deleted it so sorry to Daniel and thank you for commenting. Today I wore –

  • Black dress from Felt
  • Black shrug from SES
  •  Teal Opaques from Myer
  • Black flats from Zu
  • Blue scarf from Sportsgirl
  • Black rose ring gift from Baldren
  • Aviators

I got a strange comment from a butcher today. He asked me how my night out was last night. When I questioned him he said I looked like I just came home from a night on the town. I think he was trying to be complimentary by saying that I looked nice but it was odd because what I was wearing was not exactly ‘night out on the town’ attire and also people usually look like crap when wearing the previous nights attire after being out until the wee small hours. Anyway he was a lovely guy and I took what he said as compliment however strange it might have come out.

 I then bought Australian In Style Magazine


And I plan to read it while my brother puts fun music on my puty! I don’t normally read In Style but I can’t resist Gwen. 


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