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Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today was quiet at work so I have been tidying things up and doing boring stuff today. This afternoon I am off to see Mr Smaggle and he is going to show me how to do very intelligent things on my computer.

* Black singlet top from Supre

* Cream lace top from SES

* Cream crochet skirt from SES

* Black opaques from Myer

* Brown plaited leather belt from BCBG

* Brown boots from Redpath

* Black lace shrug undone (again!)

* Black rose ring gift from Baldren (my bro)

* Antique gold and crystal earrings gift from Baldren


  1. Jen 16 years ago

    all that lace! I looove it!

  2. Gem 16 years ago


  3. Hailey 16 years ago

    oh I love this 😉

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